The most painful experiences of my life.

I had one of the most agonizing experiences of my life last night. In the grocery store where I was, the cheese counter was right next to the candy counter. I could not get enough cheese. The following exchange caught my attention: “- Know that I will treat you with respect.” Please! To put it simply, we don’t have enough cash. We wouldn’t have enough money for bread if I bought this sweets for you. I turned around right away.

Please, you mentioned that this year Santa will bring us candy. I just held the cheese in my palm and did not move. The child had a bag of candy in his hands. I couldn’t believe the stories I’d heard were real when I looked at her. The small girl put the bag of candies on the shelf before her mother dragged her outside.

I ran back to the confectionery. The young child had a $2 packet of chocolates in her hands. The butcher booth was in my direct line of sight as I piled the basket full of goodies and headed toward the pay station. The woman and her young child were examining the objects via the glass. Eight slices of salami are present. “Thin” was mentioned repeatedly. My heart gave out.

I requested a salami stick and a pig pastrami stick from the other salesperson. At the checkout, I was the first person there. Tears were starting to form in my eyes. I stood outside the market, waiting for them. I gave the little girl the candies. Santa came over here because he saw you in the store and left me this bag. The girl averted her large blue eyes from her mother’s intense interrogation. The woman nodded in acknowledgment. “Look, Mom, this is Santa Claus!” She let out a cry. It disturbed and pleased me that I was unable to put into words how I felt.

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