The family converts the garage into a beautiful tiny home for Grandma so she can live close by

Why not turn your unutilized garage into an ADU?

In a family home land, an ADU, or short-term accessory dwelling unit, is a separate dwelling unit.


It resembles a second house that is next to or adjacent to the main house, but a little smaller.

Since it is more functional than the name “accessory” suggests, the reason it is called a “accessory” is solely because it is a secondary unit rather than a description of the structure.


Martin Brown transformed his garage into an ADU after relocating to Portland, Oregon.


He established a family in the city because he loved it.
However, his mother-in-law desired to reside nearby so that she could be present for her grandson Sebastian after he was born.

Martin thought about making the grandmother’s house out of their garage rather than purchasing a new one.COMMERCIAL


It is a comfortable house with all the amenities one could want.

They renovated and reconstructed the house to make place for the essential rooms.

They managed to make it work in spite of the size, and it was even roomier than they had anticipated.

To give the impression that it was a different house, they also constructed a pathway and some planters.

The instant you enter the house, you get a feeling of coziness and warmth.

The glass door can be opened to reveal a guest bed when needed, and there’s a sofa bed that’s cozy enough to sit on and enjoy some downtime.

It has a fireplace to provide warmth and coziness.

On this one, too, they did not cut corners when it came to kitchen space.

A single sink, two stove burners, and a full-sized refrigerator are present. There are enough shelves to keep things accessible and open, but there are no cabinets.

Every pot, pan, dish, and utensil is arranged in hanging racks, which are ideal for drying as well.

A loft bedroom with a queen-sized bed and a reading area is located above.

Another space-saving feature of the bedroom’s staircase is its design.

Because of its alternating tread stairs, it can reach the full height without taking up a lot of room. All we can hope is that Grandma will have a long time to use this one!

Additionally, there is a tiny door next to the stairs that opens to the only bathroom.

Letting as much light in as possible is the key to making an ADU appear spacious.

To create the feeling of seclusion, they avoided placing windows; instead, the chamber was lit by skylights and a large glass door.

Even the kitchen, which has the loft above it, is brightened by light coming through a glass porthole that lets in the loft’s skylight.

Martin additionally made sure that there will always be a hint of the house’s previous layout.

The new paint merely updated the exterior of the house, which retains its original garage designed in the manner of the 1920s.

The original concrete floor was also preserved, providing a sturdy and long-lasting foundation for the building.

Finally, to complete the rustic-industrial aesthetic, the kitchen counter was cemented with ancient fittings and locks from the old garage.

You might think about getting your parents or in-laws one of these fantastic miniature homes, or maybe even yourself!


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