Puppy Beaten Nearly to Death Finds Forever Home with Heroic Police Officer

An adorable new chapter has been added to a heartbreaking story: a puppy who had been tortured to the point of near death has found a kind new home. A German Shepherd puppy that was injured and unresponsive was found some weeks ago on a road in York County, Pennsylvania. The poor dog had been brutally beaten by an unscrupulous person, which caused several fractures and serious malnourishment.

After being rushed to the Mason Dixon Animal Emergency Hospital, the injured puppy overcame great odds to make a spectacular recovery. Even with such severe wounds, he had amazing fortitude and fortitude. Lindsay Copenhaver, a vet tech, said, “We were all very saddened by the situation.” We visited him in his cage, showing him our love and providing as much comfort as we could.

The brave puppy was given the name “Chance” by the veterinary team in recognition of his newfound lease on life. Authorities are still baffled as to who carried out this horrific act of brutality on a creature in such need of protection.

Chance was immediately rescued and given the necessary medical assistance by York City Police Department Officer Matthew Tamanosky, who arrived at the site without any delay. Deeply troubled by the event, Officer Tamanosky bemoaned, “It is truly shocking to see the depths of cruelty a human being can exhibit.” It completely shocks you to see the state in which this defenseless four or five-month-old puppy was abandoned, beaten unconscious, and allowed to perish on the ground.

After being sent to the York County SPCA, Chance resumed his recuperation process. On Facebook, the SPCA posted uplifting news: “Chance is making incredible progress.” As the swelling goes down, our group is concentrating on helping him gain weight and get better. Any long-term difficulties he could have because of the trauma he has experienced will only become apparent with time.


As soon as word of Chance’s plight got out there, the community came together to support him, and countless people applied to adopt him. But among all the applications, Officer Tamanosky’s application stood out the most. The same unselfish policeman who had rescued Chance now yearned to provide him with a loving, long-term home. It appeared to be the ideal, happily ever after that the York County SPCA had dreamed of.

“It became very evident that Chance should be placed in Officer Tamanosky’s care because he was the one who saved Chance from that terrible circumstance and our adoption procedure is first-come, first-served,” said Steven Martinez, executive director of the York County SPCA.

Right now, Chance is settling into his new house quite well. Martinez told ABC 27 that “Chance is absolutely overjoyed.” He loves playing with his toys and is just like any other 6-month-old German Shepherd puppy.


Officer Tamanosky stated that he is committed to giving Chance the life that he truly deserves. He told FOX 43, “We’re going to make him the best boy he can be, shower him with lots of treats, and make sure he feels like an integral part of the Tamanosky family.”

Although Chance’s history is undoubtedly heartbreaking, we are so thankful that he has overcome it and is now living a happy, loving life. We are incredibly grateful to Officer Tamanosky for accepting Chance into his family.

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