Former child star Amanda Bynes detained by police – evaluated for mental health amid current struggles

former Nickelodeon employee Amanda Bynes has dealt with her fair share of mental health issues in the past.

The former actress has been in the news for the past several years due to a number of issues related to her behavior.

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Amanda Bynes was taken into custody by the police over the weekend in order to undergo a mental health assessment. Bynes was reportedly taken into custody by Los Angeles Police Department officers on Saturday after they received a call from a woman who was in trouble.


After being taken to the police station, the actress, 37, was examined by a medical team to see whether she needed more care.

Bynes may be seen wearing handcuffs and being led into an LAPD cruiser. Three cruisers were sent to approach Bynes.

Bynes was described by witnesses to the incident as “calm” when chatting with the police, but when they handled her, she seemed “defeated.” It is presently unknown if Amanda Bynes was taken into custody by the police or released after the examination. A person close to the former actress said that she was sometimes “inconsistent” un taking her medication, which frequently resulted in similar situations.


“Amanda was making progress lately and was making every effort to look for herself. She appeared well and had been making an attempt to attend AA meetings and socialize with sober others. The source revealed that the sole issue is her inconsistent medicine intake, which leads to complications.

“A few months prior to her admission to a mental health hospital, Amanda’s circumstances were not improving. The insider goes on to say that she was not taking her medicine, was very upset, worried about her reputation and background, and surrounded herself with negative influences.

“She is a great girl who means well and wants to get better,” the source added, adding that all of Bynes’ loved ones “want her to get home safe and get settled.”

After her protracted conservatorship expired in 2022, the actress’s circumstances had improved. Bynes recently called it quits on her relationship with her intermittent partner, Paul Michael, after going through a trying few months. She also spent a few days in the hospital in March.

What specifically led her to end up in the hospital in March remains a mystery. Amanda Bynes was reportedly taken to the police station and placed under psychiatric hold at the time, according to TMZ.

At the time, the website added that witnesses had observed the former starlet driving around downtown Los Angeles in her undies and hailing cars. She said that she was in a car, at the end of a psychotic episode, and that she had called 911 herself.

She was discharged from the mental health facility after three weeks, and it was thought that she started outpatient therapy in April.

Bynes seemed to be getting back to her usual routine after the full concert. She is “taking care of herself and doing well,” according to trustworthy sources. She even had her nails done, according to reports.

We’re sending our warmest wishes for Amanda Bynes’ speedy recovery. She most definitely needs all the help she can get! Get the word out so that people may help the former actress!

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