FedEx Driver Saves Emaciated Pit Bulls and Changes Their Lives

Pets often enter our lives in the most unexpected ways. Recently, two starving pit bulls’ lives and the life of a FedEx delivery guy called Alex Badecker would forever alter due to an incident.

Alex saw two malnourished pit bulls in the middle of the road in Virginia, pleading for assistance, while traveling their regular route. These unfortunate canines obviously had wounds on their sides and had been abandoned. Even though Alex was not permitted to carry passengers, he couldn’t just leave them there and risk getting struck by a car.

Alex told WTVR, “I pulled over and looked to see if they had any tags or identification, but there was nothing.” “I was almost crying when I saw them.”

Despite it not being policy, Alex took the dogs on the trip out of concern for their safety. They were unable to leave them. Alex brought the pups to a neighboring rescue group called Morgan’s Mutts Rescue after they finished their delivery.

FedEx and Autumn, the dogs, were in appalling shape. They were quite thin and very dirty. Veterinarians checked FedEx and found that he had a growth in his small intestine. Since it was improbable that he would survive surgery, the agonizing choice to end his life mercifully was made. In a touching Facebook post, Morgan’s Mutts showed their love and concern for FedEx, making sure he felt secure and cherished in his last days.


Thankfully, Autumn showed that she was resilient and kept getting better. The rescue revealed on Facebook that the results of her tick disease and heartworm tests were negative. Autumn’s desire to find a new home became apparent when no one claimed her. And at that moment, a well-known visage appeared.

Alex kept in touch and inquired about the dogs’ progress even after he dropped them off at the rescue. Alex sensed that it was destined to be when they found out that Autumn might be a foster child. They gave Autumn the new name Iris and made the decision to welcome her into their home and hearts.

“[Alex] had been considering expanding their dog family for more than a year, but until now, nothing had captured their attention.” Facebook expressed Morgan’s Mutts. There was no better fit than Alex and Iris. Iris, which translates as “rainbow,” represents hope and her fresh start.


Alex claims that Iris is doing incredibly well. She’s put on some weight and is now a contented, goofy, loving goofball. The difference between the frail and hungry puppy Alex found by the road a few weeks ago and now is astounding. This tale illustrates how kindness has the ability to change people.

After Iris is fostered, Alex intends to formally adopt her. This is a rescue tale that was genuinely intended to be. We are incredibly appreciative of Alex’s efforts to save these stray dogs and for providing Iris (previously Autumn) with a wonderful new home.

Please share this endearing story with other dog lovers. Let’s honor the remarkable relationship that exists between people and animals.

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