View this tiny-looking wooden house from Little Log House. From the outside, it seems like a cottage from a fairy tale, tucked away in a forest or mountains. It impresses everyone who walks inside with its tiny 27 square meters of space.

With its wooden veneer, the outside has a charm reminiscent of a fairy tale.

The living area greets you as soon as you walk in with its unexpected roominess and comfort. The living area and kitchen are smartly combined to maximize space efficiency.

The appeal is enhanced by a wooden table, which is ideal for meals and lounging.

The kitchen is thoughtfully planned, making the most of every available inch. Another level of suspense is added by the stairway, which leads to an upstairs space.

Behind doors, a number of thoughtfully designed spaces open up, including a spacious and light-filled bedroom and a quaint balcony for taking in the fresh air.

In addition, the residence has a room that can accommodate a couch bed, making it a cozy retreat for visiting parents.

The arrangement is completed with a tastefully decorated bathroom with a sophisticated shower for a revitalizing experience.

At dusk, the small cottage becomes a mystical sanctuary.

For those who value the comforts of a well-designed home with the beauty of the natural world, this enchanted residence offers a surreal haven.