Steve Harvey & Wife Celebrate 16th Wedding Anniversary — He Almost Lost Her, If Not for His Bodyguard

The 16th wedding anniversary of Steve Harvey and his spouse, Marjorie Harvey, was recently commemorated.The happy couple, who have had seven children together, shared a video of themselves on their special day on Instagram. They looked amazing in white.It was disclosed that at one point in their relationship, Steve was on the verge of losing Marjorie, but his bodyguard intervened and kept them together.

Steve Harvey, an American actor, producer, comedian, and TV host, has been married to Marjorie Harvey for 16 years. Seven children have been raised by the couple: Brandi, Karli, Jason, Morgan, Broderick, Wynton, and Lori. The happy couple celebrated the happy occasion by sharing behind-the-scenes photographs from their stunning wedding anniversary photo shoot on Instagram this past Sunday.


To commemorate their milestone, the couple took a quick trip to Lake Como in Italy. A movie featured snippets of the gorgeous couple in various rooms of the opulent house where the picture session was held, both dressed in amazing clothes that Elly Karamoh had styled.

Marjorie paired a stunning feathery gown with a trail with a stylish white silk YSL outfit. Her handsome husband completed the ensemble with a sparkling gold Dolce & Gabbana blazer worn over white dress shirt and flowing slacks. They posed, giving each other soft kisses and adoring looks as they strolled downstairs.


Fans and celebrities alike were drooling over the video, which included Coco Jones’ “ICU” playing in the background. They lavished the pair with kind remarks. Marjorie wrote this sweet, straightforward caption:

“Celebrating my anniversary with the love of my life.”

Steve continued to honor his cherished wife on his Instagram Story and posted the unique video on his Instagram feed in a different post. The caption for the “Family Feud” host’s post read:


“@marjorie_harvey is still going strong today.”

How Marjorie Harvey and Steve Harvey Met and Fell in Love
When Steve first laid eyes on Marjorie, his future wife, it was 1987 and he was doing a stand-up comedy gig at a comedy club in Memphis. Steve took advantage of a pause in his spiel to address her directly when she arrived late for the performance and secured a seat somewhere near the front:

“I’m going to marry you one day, even though I don’t know who you are.”

They had lost contact for a while after this encounter, but he remembers it as the start of their love affair. But in 2005, Marjorie and Steve were reunited and have been inseparable ever since, thanks to fate and mutual friends. After a year of courtship, Steve proposed, and on June 25, 2007, the couple got married.

Steve has always taken care of Marjorie like the queen that she is, and he is a charming and devoted husband. Steve chose to send a love letter to his wife, summarizing and reflecting on their time together, to mark their 15th anniversary of marriage, which they are now commemorating as 16 years old. It was a thoughtful and touching way to remember that day.

Steve expressed in the letter his amazement at the progress he and Marjorie had made since their first encounter all those years ago. The long letter captured all the highs and lows the couple had experienced together, including the difficult time when Steve was struggling financially and Marjorie was his rock, supporting him and their fort.

The Harveys are still in a happy relationship and feel grateful for their wonderful existence.

Steve claims that Marjorie was the first person who ever gave him the priceless feeling of calm in his hectic and hectic existence. Steve said that he will always be fortunate and appreciative of Marjorie as he went over the specifics of their long relationship:

“I would like to express my gratitude to you since I could not imagine my life being as it is now. You have my sincere gratitude for having completely transformed my life. You are the main reason, save for God’s grace, that I am where I am today. If I lost everything, I know you would stay by my side and we would rebuild it together.

How Marjorie Harvey and Steve Harvey’s Relationship Were Significantly Affected by His Bodyguard
Steve was married twice before starting his romantic journey with Marjorie. He was homeless for three years after divorcing Marcia Harvey in his late 20s in order to pursue his comedic career. The actor had to climb the Hollywood comedy career ladder alone, without support, and it was an incredibly difficult and painful time in his life.

Steve’s fortunes changed in 1993 when he was offered a prestigious role as a Showtime performer at the Apollo Theatre. But even after he realized he had made a mistake in marrying Mary Shackelford a second time, his personal life remained turbulent.

Steve acknowledged he got married again, but not for the right reasons. Rather of placing the blame on his ex-wife, he explained his poor choice by saying that he didn’t want to be alone. Steve met Marjorie after his second divorce was finalized, and he attributes their relationship to his bodyguard:

“Look, the only time I ever saw you happy was when you were with that woman, Marjorie,” he said to me. I’m phoning her now, before you go and do something foolish and marry another woman.”

Steve delayed to get back in touch with Marjorie because he wanted to give her everything, but she would have welcomed him to move into her house when they first started dating if she had known this beforehand. However, they were both thrilled to have reconnected, and Steve referred to their get-together as a “second chance”:

It resembled a rebirth. She was the reason behind all the changes in my life, even if I messed up a lot. You can achieve a lot when you’re content in your home.

The Harveys are still in a happy relationship and feel grateful for their wonderful existence. After losing touch during their initial meeting, Steve and Marjorie decided to give their relationship another go, and they are eternally grateful that they did. This led to a nearly two-decade marriage.

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