Saying Goodbye to Zoey: A Heartbreaking Farewell

It is an unbearable grief that no parent should ever have to experience after losing a kid. The parents of Zoey Catherine Daggett went through this pain two years ago when their cherished daughter suddenly died after a valiant fight with cancer.

Sharing their last moments with Zoey on Facebook gave them comfort during their unbearable sadness, and they were inundated with support from people all over the world.

When Zoey was told the heartbreaking news that she had cancer, she was just three years old. She was a lively, active girl who was always moving, just like any other child, before the illness took hold. Zoey had a happy childhood, growing up in a loving environment. She was fun, loving, and full of joy.

However, their lives took an unexpected turn in July of 2016. After Zoey hurt herself while playing in the park, Caseby and Ben, her worried parents, hurried her to the clinic. The news that would permanently alter their life caught them off guard.

Nothing was seen on the X-ray, but a few weeks later, Zoey started to lose sensation in both hands. That’s when they got the heartbreaking news that their darling daughter had been taken over by DIPG, a rare and aggressive brain tumor.


DIPG is a tumor for which there is tragically no known cure, and it is well known for having a dismal survival rate. The prognosis for children with DIPG is typically 6 to 18 months to live. The realization that Zoey’s parents were running out of time with their cherished little girl made their circumstances extremely painful.

Casey, Zoey’s mother, took the courageous choice to post their family’s last moments on Facebook in spite of the extreme suffering they were going through. “We see this as a beautiful moment, even though it’s a difficult time,” Casey said. Zoey’s parents are seen lovingly cradling her in their arms in the photo taken on that fatal day, along with their family dog and the reassuring sounds of Disney tunes. Zoey died quietly in their arms, her heart stopping midway through a Harry Potter movie they were watching on TV.

Cancer has a genuinely devastating effect, particularly when it strikes youngsters. The heartwarming lesson from Zoey’s story is to appreciate each day, be present in the moment, and love without conditions. People all over the world were inspired by this courageous young girl to reflect on their own lives and give priority to the things that really important.

May Zoey rest in eternal peace as we bid her our final goodbye. Let her tale serve as an example of love, resiliency, and the unbreakable link that exists between parents and their priceless children.

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