No More Monkey Business: Momo the Escape Artist Monkey is Back Home!

It was an absolutely wild day in Indianapolis yesterday, with locals enthralled with the antics of Momo, the cheeky monkey who escaped his house and set the local police on quite the wild chase.


The hilarious pursuit started on Wednesday when the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department got an odd call. Momo had staged a daring escape from his residence on the east side of the city, according to locals.

Witnesses even saw the cunning primate sprinting across the roadway at a startlingly high pace. Momo, a patas monkey recognized as the world’s fastest primate, appears to have lived up to his name, reaching amazing running speeds of up to 35 mph!

When Momo became frightened by a barking dog and fled to the protection of the trees, the chase took an unexpected turn. With a net and a well-meaning peach, Indianapolis Animal Care Services and the worried monkey owner arrived on the scene in a hurry. But no matter how hard they tried to persuade Momo to come down from the treetops, the astute primate refused to comply.

The IMPD diligently patrolled the area for Momo throughout the day. It is still unknown if any of the minor injuries that were reported were brought on by Momo, despite multiple claims of suspected sightings. The villagers were cautioned by the police department not to approach the nimble and quick escapee.


Now, at last, after many hours of anxious and widespread searching, the moment that everyone had been waiting for had arrived. After being found, Momo was securely returned to his happy owner. Along with the wonderful news, the IMPD shared a sweet picture of Momo contentedly curled back in his owner’s arms on Twitter. They declared, “Momo the monkey has been captured safely.” For us, that constituted more than enough monkey business.

People expressed their relief and happiness on social media as word of Momo’s safe return spread. One person wrote on Twitter, “Aww, Momo looks so embarrassed.” I’m glad his experience ended well. The community’s resounding concern and support for Momo was encouraging.

Now that Momo has returned home safely, we are overjoyed! It is admirable how committed and hardworking all those participating in the search were. If you are as passionate about animals as we are, please help us share this inspiring rescue tale!

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