Mom poses for camera with giant belly – when photographer asks her to turn around she breaks down

One of the most important things you can do in life is to become a parent.


Rich and Jazzy were eager to meet the little person growing inside Jazzy’s womb as they anticipated their second child together.

However, the couple decided they wanted to take some lovely pregnancy pictures before it was time for Jazzy to give birth in order to fully commemorate the experience.


Their plan was to have the pictures as a memento of a genuinely joyous moment in their lives, which they could then give to their kids and grandkids.

However, things didn’t quite go as Jazzy had hoped during the photo session.


Jazzy had chosen a pretty pink dress that she wanted to wear in advance of the photo shoot.


Reign, her young daughter, wore an outfit that matched her mother’s. Jazzy also got her cosmetics done before the shoot.


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worries on the weather

Rich and Jazzy had been anxious in the days leading up to the shoot. It had been raining a lot, and they were worried that the weather might bring them down. But as the day of the photo session approached, the clouds parted, allowing the sun to shine.

The trio set out for the venue they had selected, a charming area with a stunning waterfall serving as the backdrop.

A typical picture shoot?

Jazzy thought at the time that she was just going to the picture session that they had spent so much time organizing. It remained a secret to her that Rich had other plans.

Reaching into his pocket

The photographer began by capturing the couple’s and their daughter’s standard photos. Then, out of nowhere, the photographer requested Jazzy to hold on while they took the next image.

Rich was standing behind her at the same moment, reaching into his pocket to take out a small velvet box he had stashed away. And with that, he went to one knee.

You can see Jazzy’s response in the video below. I would suggest getting some tissues. It is undoubtedly heartwarming.

That’s what I consider to be a surprise! Please share this video on Facebook with your friends and family if it made you feel warm and fuzzy.

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