Melissa Gilbert Ditched LA for a Simple Cottage Life in the Catskills: Glimpse inside Her Happy Life Now

Melissa Gilbert, who gained recognition for her performance in “Little House on the Prairie,” and her spouse Timothy Busfield have been leading sedate lives away from the spotlight in Hollywood. Unexpectedly, they ended up together at a bar. Gilbert was there for a date night, watching sports and enjoying some pizza and beer.

In 2012, Gilbert’s friendship with her friend that she had met at a pub twenty years prior shifted. Gilbert and Busfield tied the knot in 2013. Gilbert claimed she relocated to Michigan for her spouse out of self-preservation as well as love. She also managed to live with a disability.

After undergoing spine surgery, actress Jennifer Gilbert relocated to Michigan and has been concentrating on her son Michael Garrett Boxleitner’s health. Gilbert acknowledged that following her 2011 divorce from Bruce Boxleitner, she nearly went insane. Busfield, her spouse, has advised her to dwell on her past transgressions and establish a serene existence in the Catskills while contemplating her career in show business.

The Prairie Life of Melissa Gilbert

Gilbert and her spouse bought a cottage in 2018, but before they could live there, it needed a lot of work. No matter how awful the abandoned cottage looked, the couple was determined to turn it into their home.


Ignoring the vermin and mold, the couple came to the realization they could make the house their own. In addition, the house was cold and the plumbing was clogged. They were forced to remove some of the old renters’ items because they were still inside the residence.


The couple renovated cupboards, added red vinyl chairs, and used a wood burner to heat the house. Quirky accents like Coca-Cola syrup bottles and Donald Duck figurines were added. Busfield wanted to be involved in the work that Gilbert and her husband were doing.


Living on the outskirts of town, cultivating fruit and vegetables, and leading a natural lifestyle are all part of Gilbert’s prairie lifestyle. She finds that peeling off the heads of deer and converting the attic into a music room is therapeutic.


Gilbert relishes a calm morning while doing her duties and drinking tea. She is happy in her marriage and has a serene house. They fight about furniture at first, but they end up falling in love with the grandpa chair and the brown recliner.


Gilbert’s love of the outdoors has returned after moving away from the spotlight, although her main regret while leaving Los Angeles was for her family.

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