Man spends 3 years building a tiny home by hand. See how it looks inside

Tiny homes, as part of a global trend toward sustainable living, are becoming more and more popular. This lifestyle, where families live in vans or buses that have been turned into functional and fashionable homes, has drawn a lot of attention.

Various cities’ tiny homes were highlighted on Tiny House Giant Journey’s YouTube channel. A little house from Washington’s Enumclaw. The owner and builder of this exquisitely useful little house is Cassimiro Mattioada. Reusing materials to cut expenses
Cass spent under $40K on creating his dream home, which he worked on for three years, thanks to the utilization of repurposed materials.



Cass is employed by the Enumclaw Recyclers & The Use Again Store, a family-run business. Their goal is to drastically cut the quantity of recyclables that are disposed of in landfills on a daily basis.

In order to fulfill this goal, Cass reuses a lot of things in his modest home. This little home is a piece of art, according to several comments on the video, since everything was creatively and thoughtfully designed.

But enough about the beginning. Come along for the trip! A television-equipped entertainment nook is located in the living area. A sofa with storage underneath is also present. We provide efficient kitchen appliances that are ideal for a little house. Their large kitchen is also shown, complete with an antique but stylish sink and faucet.

Cass made the wise decision to divide the bathroom from the shower, which is highly practical and strategic in a small house. The bedroom comes next. A queen-sized bed with storage below can be found in the bedroom. It also features a charming entryway with a glass door that you can walk through. One of this house’s most prominent characteristics is the entrance door.

Does this picture look familiar to you? Indeed, the movies The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings feature the round door style. Cass claimed to have made this door himself, utilizing birch and stained fir plywood for the exterior and a lot of steel for the inner. There’s a charming key on the door too! During the conversation, Cass emphasized the three entries in his house.

Let’s address each one separately. The entrance door comes first. You follow it to the living room. that features a glass pane on the opposite side as well. The “room of mud.” The second entrance is located where the tree trunks serve as posts, on the left side of the house. This is the door Cass normally comes in through after work to clean up.

Access to the bedroom from the exterior. The bedroom is the other entry point. Cass made the decision to install a glass door here to allow for the entry of wind. The house is full with pearls, from the superb design to the practicality of the layout and the unique pieces that all work in perfect harmony.

What’s the lesson learned? This modest cottage also reflects Cass’s personality and narrative.
“The house is a huge reflection of him and how he sees the world,” as his girlfriend Emma put it.

Cass and Emma currently share a lovely tiny house with a ton of missions and tales.

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