Man shares his story of how living in a Narrowboat for 5 years “saved” him

A quiet narrowboat creaking in the peaceful countryside of Britain; a subtle ripple on the water; the distant call of wildlife.

It is in this peaceful atmosphere that Dave discovered healing and comfort. For him, living amidst the verdant surroundings and placid waters evolved into a way of life.


His narrowboat turned into his lifesaver.

The simplicity of living with few possessions, the freedom that comes with it, and the peace of seeing new places every few weeks all came together to provide a healing retreat from a turbulent past.

After 26 years of marriage and raising two kids, he and his spouse made the decision to travel overseas for an experience.

Sadly, his wife became very ill and died after only a year, leaving Dave brokenhearted and alone.

He was engulfed in depression and returned to the UK couch surfing, with little more than a suitcase and a crushed heart.

A near-death experience in the hospital was a sobering wake-up call that led him to look for an alternative route.

Dave was given hope and a fresh perspective after he happened to run into the Canal and River Trust.

He met boaters who told stories of how living on the water had changed them as a fundraiser for the company in charge of the UK’s 2000-mile network of canals.

Dave was intrigued and motivated by the idea of living on a narrowboat, but he was thwarted by his lack of resources.

Thanks to a kind offer from a family member, he was able to buy a boat, which he knew right away would become his new home.

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Built in 2005, the 57-foot-long narrowboat served as Dave’s haven.

He carefully renovated it, fixing the rust, repainting the exterior, and enjoying the quaint inside that the previous owner had created, even if it was fairly rusted and neglected when he first got it.

In addition to giving Dave a newfound sense of freedom and a connection to nature, the boat provides him with a comfortable and small living area.

Dave follows the guidelines set forth by the Canal and River Trust and lives as a continuous cruiser and full-time liver boarder.

In other words, he moves every two weeks.

For him, this mobile way of living is like an endless vacation where each new place brings with it new energy and landscape.

He relies on a single solar panel to power his off-grid home and a diesel engine for transportation, however he is grateful that it isn’t electrified and that it meets his basic necessities.

Dave has enough money to maintain his lifestyle while making very few purchases.

Fees to the Canal and River Trust, insurance, maintenance, fuel for the engine and fire, and gas for cooking are all included in his expenses.

Living as a continuous cruiser and traveling down the canals all the time is not only a more affordable way for him to live, but it also allows him to be in continual contact with the ever-changing beauty of the British countryside.

There are difficulties with narrowboat life despite the beautiful surroundings.

In order to get supplies, Dave frequently has to hike into town and lug groceries and necessities back along the towpath. He must navigate through all types of weather.

Winters can be very hard; occasionally the boat is covered with ice, which makes it immobile and extremely chilly inside.

Dave, however, has adjusted to these challenges and discovered that the advantages greatly exceed the drawbacks.

Beyond just getting by, Dave has discovered a way to use his YouTube channel, “Inspired by Nature,” to share his stories and the magical world he lives in.

The channel, which was first started during the lockdown when his fundraising job ended, displays his amateur filmmaking abilities and promotes positivity by showing how spending time in nature can be incredibly restorative.

In fact, simply seeing his films induces a calming sense of well-being.

His movies, which feature tranquil scenery and soft stories, have won many admirers and supporters.

Once on the verge of giving up, Dave is now pleased and grateful, having no regrets about his nontraditional living choice.

Deepest joy and tranquility can occasionally be discovered in the quest of simplicity and present-moment life.

Dave’s journey serves as a reminder that, even in the midst of life’s ups and downs, we can still find serenity in peaceful places if we have the courage to look for it.

See Dave’s narrowboat in its entirety and listen to his incredible tale below!

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