Little girl buys old and outdated $400 camper and turns it into cute tiny home

And occasionally, those young people manage to make their ideas a reality.

While everyone has big dreams for the future, only a select few, like 11-year-old Lauren Nelson, have the desire and determination to make their dreams come true.

This young girl had a fantasy of turning a camper into her very own tiny house.

Lauren looked through an American Girl doll magazine and decided to develop a plan. She was looking to spend $650 on a cheap VW toy van that she had seen in the magazine.

When her daughter brought up the notion, her mother Aimee Nelson remembered, that’s when Aimee’s husband answered,

“You could buy your own camper for that price; that’s ridiculous.”

Strangely enough, the preteen chose to do precisely that in its place.

She started saving all of her money along with whatever other modest cash she had and went shopping for the camper of her dreams.

“Lauren actually keeps her money in an envelope. And it’s only a small amount here and there from stuff like Tooth Fairy money or $5 at Easter. It simply added up.

I’m not kidding! Lauren was adamant about completing the task at hand.

Luckily, her neighbor across the street announced they were selling their 20-foot-long camper by placing a “For Sale” sign near the front yard.

The neighbors agreed that it would be sold for a reasonable price, despite the fact that it appeared somewhat dilapidated and out of place.
Lauren was instantly enamored with it.

The 11-year-old, who was motivated, felt she had to get it at any cost. She chose to make a deal because she knew the price was significantly higher than she could afford.

“I said $400 since that was the amount I had in my bank account when he said $500, and he said sold,” Lauren remarked.

It was time to get the camper renovated after purchasing it.

For a girl with little to no experience doing manual labor, this is easier said than done. Lauren, though, remained unfazed in her pursuit of the ideal little home.

The renovation project would have an associated cost.

Lauren needed to put extra money aside in order to make the upgrades to the house.

At last, she could afford to spend a total of $400 on the furniture and accessories she wanted.

The main color scheme of the house is black, white, and grey, which gives it a very straightforward yet elegant appearance.

Enough room is maintained to accommodate a comfortable living area, a bedroom with four beds, a small bathroom, and a kitchen.

In addition, the living room, kitchen, and main room all include cupboards with additional storage space.

Many people have surely been motivated to follow their aspirations and not give up by Lauren.

The 11-year-old was motivated to work hard because she loves her new modest house, and she has been richly rewarded for it.

Her parents deserve praise as well for providing her with the creative environment that allowed everything to come together.

They considered it to be a harmless undertaking that would teach their daughter a number of essential life skills. They weren’t in error.

While Lauren redrew this camper, she discovered a lot. She overcame her challenges and gained a beautiful place of her own.

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