Katie Holmes Seen with Thick Side-Swept Bangs after 45th Birthday: Photos of Her New Appearance

Beloved actress Katie Holmes was photographed with thick, side-swept bangs after celebrating her 45th birthday. As soon as they saw Holmes wearing a turtleneck, a stylish coat, and a new hairstyle, they couldn’t help but swoon. They made the bold enough to call her “gorgeous.”

Katie Holmes celebrated her 45th birthday last week, and she dazzled fans in New York City with a brand-new look and matching costume.

The “Dawson’s Creek” actress wore a long coat in black and white, a black turtleneck, and high-waisted jeans in addition to her new hairstyle. Her style was finished with little makeup, black leather boots, and a red crossbody bag.

When they saw pictures of Holmes’s outing, many were enthralled by her chic ensemble. One fan said, “She is gorgeous 🔥.” She was commended by another, who called her “fabulous,” and yet another who exclaimed, “Love it! ❤️.”

This hairstyle is distinguished by an atypically large side part that is positioned off-center from the customary center part, framing the face with a dramatic effect. Side-swept bangs are easy to pull off on anyone, but people with long, oval, or heart-shaped faces look especially good with them.

Holmes is most known for her two hairstyles: her elegant bob and her long tresses. When questioned about this particular subject, the actress replied, “I love doing long and straight hair.” It has a sophisticated, subtle look.

The 45-year-old has declared that she conditions and shampoos her hair every day and that she frequently wears her hair in a long style because she thinks it always looks wonderful.


Katie Holmes still enjoys experimenting with different hairstyles, but when she cuts her hair short, she yearns for her previous long hair. She has previously stated that she would prefer not to chop her hair so short that, should the opportunity arise, it would be impossible to put it up in a ponytail.

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