“I Forbade Her To Have Plastic Surgery”: The Paparazzi Showed Brosnan’s 220 lbs Wife In a Mini!

For 22 years, Pierce Brosnan, the movie star, has been blissfully married to Keely Smith. The 70-year-old actor has found himself standing up for his wife Keely when remarks about her appearance have been made over time.

Keely’s weight has significantly changed in the last few years, now weighing in excess of 100 kg. Because of the conversations this change has sparked among Brosnan’s supporters, Pierce has come out in favor of Keely’s decisions.

I’ve told her not to think about getting liposuction. Pierce has been cited as stating, “Keely is gorgeous, regardless of her weight.” Keely bravely walks out in front of the public, even wearing miniskirts, and garners praise from some fans despite the criticism.

The couple’s images are flooded with comments complimenting their appearance, wishing them happiness, and recognizing Pierce’s support.

Users’ opinions range from praising Pierce’s constant support to doubting the notion of getting oneself together, all the while highlighting the significance of maintaining healthy routines.


The couple’s photos are still being discussed by the public.

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