Harrison Ford ’s Wife Calista Flockhart Steps Out in Floral Pink Dress & Mesh Gloves

Calista Flockhart showed up wearing mesh gloves and a pink dress with flowers on it. The public’s reactions to her attire were conflicted as they wondered what the celebrity was wearing.

Calista Flockhart, the legendary Hollywood wife of Harrison Ford, recently accompanied her lover at the Critics Choice Awards. Images of the celebrity pair featured Flockhart wearing a fuschia-colored gown with a large bow around her waist that had a flowery motif.


Her hair was styled in a low bun with a few free strands to frame her face, and she accessorized her stylish ensemble with black shoes and gloves made of mesh. Under his blazer, Ford wore a white dress shirt and a black suit with a bowtie.

When people saw the “Supergirl” skill, their reactions varied. Some people appeared to find Flockhart’s attire objectionable, asking themselves, “What on earth is she wearing[?]” Someone else declared, “It’s time for a stylist.” Some others commented on her mesh gloves, with one user saying, “I wish someone had told her to forgo the gloves with THIS sleeveless dress.”

As another social media user put it: “Not everyone should wear these gloves. Avoid using excessively. Another person who remarked on Flockhart’s hair specifically said, “Calista, all the money you have, and you can’t get your hair done?”

Even if some people had made unpleasant remarks, Flockhart received a ton of positive feedback. One admirer gave her this complement: “She’s really aged well.” Marvelous! Love the clothing, remarked another.


The fact that Flockhart and Ford were content and continued to be a relationship after all these years together thrilled a lot of other people. “These two are so in ‘LOVE,'” exclaimed one Instagram user, while another complimented, “That is [what] being married is all about.”

A comment was made drawing comparisons between Calista Flockhart and Ford’s relationship and that of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas, another well-known Hollywood couple with a long-lasting partnership. After being married in 2010, Ford and his adored spouse have been together for more than ten years.

A news source claims that after the two had been dating since the early 2000s, Ford—who has four elder children from his prior marriages—proposed in 2009. The “Blade Runner” actor cracked jokes in a previous interview about marriage advice he had received just before the couple celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary. Ford joked, “Stay silent. Give a nod of the head.

The couple has been married for 14 years and is currently celebrating their 14th year of marriage while raising their son, Liam, whom Flockhart adopted in 2001.

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