Christina Applegate left in tears after standing ovation at the Emmys – and everyone’s saying the same thing

Christina Applegate broke down in tears during Sunday night’s 75th annual Emmy Awards as she earned a standing ovation.

Fans all around the world have shown sympathy for the actress due to her well-documented battle with multiple sclerosis, and despite the difficulties she has undoubtedly faced, Applegate keeps a brave front.

The audience applauded the 52-year-old when she presented two prizes at the Emmys last night (Monday, January 15), even though she was walking with a cane.

Known for her parts in TV shows like Dead to Me and movies like Anchorman, actress Anthony Anderson assisted Applegate in getting across the stage.

The Peacock Theater in Los Angeles saw its patrons rise to their feet in unison as the actress approached the podium.

It was a poignant event that left a lasting impression on Applegate.

“Many thanks for that! God, oh God! said she.

“By getting up, you’re completely humiliating me and my disability.”

“Some of you may recognize me as Kelly Bundy from Married with Children,” she continued. Every time I accomplish anything, we don’t have to cheer.”

As she wrapped off her remarks, the Bad Moms actress promised the crowd, “I’m going to cry more than I’ve been crying.”

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – JANUARY 15: Christina Applegate speaks onstage at the Peacock Theater on January 15, 2024, in Los Angeles, California, during the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards. (Image via Getty Images/Kevin Winter))

It should come as no surprise that Christina’s welcome and the broad admiration for an inspirational woman who has been through so much recently connected well with viewers at home.

One admirer said, “I’m crying already from the standing ovation for Christina Applegate.”

Another said, “I adore Christina Applegate.”She’s always been stunning and has such a wonderful sense of humor. Here, her zingers are explosive.

A third commented, “Man, that was a beautiful moment for Christina Applegate.”

I woke up at 4:30 am without warning and saw the video of Christina Applegate receiving a standing ovation right away. A fourth said, “And now I’m going to have to cry myself back to sleep.”

Applegate first disclosed her MS diagnosis in 2021, and she acknowledged last year that the condition will probably prevent her from acting on screen in the future.

“There’s never a good day when you have MS,” she said to Vanity Fair. You are no longer able to carry goods or go down steps. It’s just awful.

“I’m probably not going to work on-camera again,” she said.

Right now, I can’t even begin to consider going to bed. This illness progresses over time. I’m not sure if things will grow worse. I can perform voiceover work because I have to maintain my mental health and provide for my family.

Watch the video below to see Christina Applegate’s emotional Emmy acceptance:

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