Carpenter spends 2 decades building massive ark and the inside is incredible

Regardless of your faith, you have to respect Johan Huiber’s commitment.

The Dutch contractor was born and raised in the water-surrounded province of Noord-Holland, and he has always been fascinated by the sea.



Johan turned to God when he was 24 years old, and nine years later, he had a dream in which a terrible flood destroyed all of the Netherlands.

Johan, a carpenter by trade, interpreted it as a sign telling him to build a boat, using Noah’s ark as a guide.

What was the outcome? Amazing…


Johan’s massive ark began life back in 1992. At that point, the carpenter decided to study Noah’s ark in order to construct his own eventually. He spent countless hours poring over reference books, watching documentaries, and reading the Bible in order to create a true replica of Noah’s ark.

Johan’s original iteration was 70 meters (230 feet) long and cost one million euros to build. It was constructed at the port of Schagen between 2005 and 2007. Johan spent three and a half years sailing this ark around the Netherlands.

However, that wasn’t the only ark he constructed.

He finished a larger piece in 2013 called Johan’s Ark!

Huibers worked on the ark for four years with eight helpers. It is seven stories tall.

Johan Huibers constructed a replica of the Ark of Noah between 2008 and 2013. The website states that the Ark is located in the Netherlands and has drawn hundreds of thousands of tourists.

“The vessel itself is a massive, multi-floored, life-sized museum. There will be exhibits, movie theater, entertainment, and stories based on the Bible for visitors to enjoy. With the assistance of global supporters, the Ark of Noah Foundation will transport the Ark of Noah to Brazil, according to the statement.

At the moment, the ark is berthed in Dordrecht, Netherlands. It was built at a cost of more than 4 million euros and is supported by a steel structure composed of 21 barges.

While tugboats can drag the ark down inland waterways, it must be transported across oceans on top of a pontoon or transport ship.


The ship itself is a massive, multi-floored, life-sized exhibit.

30 meters (98 feet) broad, 23 meters (75 feet) high, and 119 meters (390 feet) long make up the new ark.

Over the previous four years, more than 280,000 people have visited the special boat.

And it’s simple to see why when you peek inside.There will be exhibits, movie theater, entertainment, and stories based on the Bible for visitors to enjoy.

To build the ark, an estimated 12,000 trees were used.

Although the Bible says that Noah used gopher wood to build his ark, Johan Huibert used American pine and cedar trees instead.

The Daily Mail reported that the expense of sailing the ship 5,000 kilometers across the Atlantic would be close to $2 million.
Numerous animal statues, such as those of giraffes, crocodiles, penguins, and cows, can be found inside Johan’s ark.
Fantastic, huh?

There are two movie theaters and a café inside the Ark.

The public has had access to Johan’s ark since 2012.

Huibers had already claimed that he had plans to ship the ark to Brazil, but those plans never came to pass.

In addition, business meetings, weddings, and other special occasions are held on the enormous barge.

As said by Boresome Panda:

Huibers is currently looking for donations from kindhearted people in order to fulfill his dream of bringing the ship to Israel. Due to the lack of a motor, Huibers will have to hire tugboats in order to navigate the ship, which will cost them about $1.3 million in total.

In an interview with the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, he declared his love for the Jewish state and stated that “this is a copy of God’s ship,” adding that he now wants to board the ship and travel to Israel. It is only logical to bring it to the land of God.

“I adore the people and the county.” They disobey, act independently, drive erratically, push people in line, and pay little attention to advice. similar to me.

Don’t you think it would be incredible to board an actual ark?

Johan is truly deserving of great praise for his exquisite creation. If you concur, please share!

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