Unknown man leaves a water bottle on the bonnet of this woman’s car, prompting her to issue a chilling warning.

One woman has issued a strong warning to other women who drive after being the victim of what she refers to as “kidnapping methods” by an unidentified person.

American Haley West spoke on TikTok about the horrific experience she had in front of a shopping center.

She clarified that a man had called out to her while she was bringing her groceries to her car.

After that, he trailed her to her car and claimed it as his. Earlier, he’d reached out to her, wanted to know her name.

She told the following tale, which you can see in the video up above: “This man approaches my car and says, ‘Come look at my car, it’s a lovely Lexus, do you like it?'”

“Even though I didn’t respond to it because that would have revealed that it was my car, I treated it like it was.”

She claimed that instead of getting inside her car, she crossed the street to approach a bystander and seek for help.

She returned to her car and got inside as soon as it was safe to do so.

She glanced back and noticed a water bottle sitting on top of the hood.

“I don’t want that to correspond, but I’ve never experienced that,” she said.

The speaker remarked, “I just wanted to stress that you should always be mindful of your surroundings and that you should be careful out there, especially if you’re a woman.”

Following the video’s global success, Haley uploaded a follow-up in which a viewer answered her query.

One reader said that the explanation for why the bottle was on her car’s hood was awful.

This tactic could be used by someone attempting to kidnap or extort you to get you to exit your car and take whatever is on it.

“Just leave anything on the hood of your car and drive away; it will fall off on its own if it’s still there when you get back to it.”

It follows after another TikTok user—this one from Canada—found a dreadful message scribbled on her trash can in the snow.

The fact that someone had used their finger to write the letter F and the number one in the snow baffled her.

She was informed that it might be a way for guests to understand that she was the only resident of her home, but she soon realized that it just meant “one female.”

Jade claims that when she called the police, they took out the trash can and gave her safety advice.

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