Redditors had shared stories of how brides ruined their weddings

A pregnant lady

“I knew a woman who was a bridesmaid in a relative’s wedding,” Redditor u/hulagirl4737 wrote. She was married and had been trying for some time to become pregnant. She and her husband finally struck it fortunate, and she became pregnant. The bridezilla became enraged in the meanwhile and ejected her from the ceremony. Because the bridesmaid would appear pregnant in the photos, the soon-to-be bride was upset. Tragically, the woman miscarried three months later. She did not even attend the ceremony, as the bride contacted her and said something like, “Good, well now you can be back in the wedding.”



“It was an unbearably hot and muggy day, and nobody wanted to be outside for the outdoor wedding,” Redditor u/nadia61 posted. We opted to take the remaining pictures in a lovely shaded area since everyone was sweating profusely and on the verge of fainting while we were taking wedding party photos. The bride, meantime, had other requirements.

To snap pictures in front of a pond that was fully illuminated, the group had to hike across the venue grounds, and she lost her cool. We stated that it would have been a horrible location for pictures and that none of her bridesmaids wanted to walk the 10 minutes in their shoes. They separated a year later after she pouted her way through the remainder.



“I had a friend who threw a temper tantrum with screaming and foot stomping because her grandmother dared to die a few hours before her wedding,” Redditor u/kidtendomom wrote. The prospective bride claimed that since there would be a large empty space, the seating arrangements would be affected. She is currently in the middle of her second divorce.


“Two weeks before my girlfriend’s mother was to tie the knot, her future brother-in-law went missing,” Redditor u/Blazingwand said. He was meant to be the best man, but after leaving to make a delivery, he vanished. His whereabouts were unknown. The future groom received a call the morning of the wedding informing him that his brother had been located by police. His delivery truck was nowhere to be seen, and they discovered him dead in a ditch.

Horrified, the soon-to-be husband informed the bride that he would not be able to tie the knot that day. She gave him a smack and walked out, yelling that today wasn’t all about him and his dumb brother and that she couldn’t believe HE could be so self-centered. My partner was equally incensed. That day, the future groom and I parted ways, but we’ve remained close friends ever since.


“I went to a wedding where the bride had replaced a bridesmaid of her at the last minute because of a tiny issue,” wrote Redditor u/boredlike in sharing their story. The bride’s requirements were extremely specific. The night before the wedding, the bridesmaid she took the place of had dyed her hair a shade lighter brown. It didn’t seem to go with the vibrant pink dress.


“My friend, the bride, had this massive, billowing explosion of organza as a skirt,” Redditor u/isstronglikebull had explained. Though beautifully designed, it was completely unworkable. She had been drinking on an empty stomach, so on our second trip to the bathroom, she gave me the command to wipe her while we all held this dress up and she hung drunkenly over a toilet that she was unable to see.

I said no. She then gave me a slap. Everyone threw down their skirts as I yelled profanities at her. If I didn’t do this for her, she cried out that our friendship would die! Done! Years later, she made an attempt at an apology, but she looked shocked that I had no desire in reestablishing our connection.


“I’ve seen a few bridezillas as a hairstylist,” said Redditor u/Carsons_mom. This one had a direct impact on me. A woman asks about updos for a wedding that will take place that weekend in the middle of the week. She informed my supervisor that she wanted her hair done in a “funky” way. Then my boss had me book her. She’s seated in my recliner on Saturday morning. I begin. She begins to grumble that I’m almost done, saying that she would have preferred a more traditional Audrey Hepburn look.

My next client has arrived, and I’m confused because it’s too late to make any changes. This woman goes crazy. She contacts her mother to try and get me to listen to her, saying that I wasn’t paying attention. Wondering how to explain her hair to her prospective in-laws, she is on the verge of tears. When her mother shows up, she tells her that her hair looks amazing, gives me the money, and pulls her out of the hair parlor. Everyone found the event to be disturbing.


“My boyfriend’s brother got married, and the groom’s phone alarm went off in his pocket in the middle of the ceremony,” Redditor u/EewStopitNow said. The bride lost it and interrupted the minister to retrieve the groom’s phone, which he had already turned off, from his pocket. She then began to gripe, saying, “It’s unbelievable that you allowed your phone to go off during our wedding.”

She also rolled her eyes when the pastor talked about God, talked with the groom during the discussion about keeping a marriage together, and interrupted the pastor during the vows portion to say, “The father, the son, the holy spirit, yeah I know.” She handed it to the maid of honor and said, “Remind me to smash that later.”


Alanna Braavos/OP u had said, “The bride was very mean.” When she told him she was expecting, the groom made the proposal. She subsequently claimed to have miscarried. His pals pushed him to call it off at that time. During the wedding morning, the best man made numerous attempts to persuade him that there was still time. Since the groomsmen wouldn’t seat next to her, the bridal table was soon set up with men on one side and ladies on the other. The bride stormed into the ladies’ room during the reception, where she discovered the bridesmaids, after realizing she was the only woman seated at the table. At thirteen, the youngest bridesmaid had formally become a lady.

She had loitered in the ladies’ room unprepared until a familiar face showed up. The two more mature bridesmaids were searching for an answer. Bridezilla was not satisfied and let out a scream, accusing the junior bridesmaid of purposefully ruining her wedding. She insisted that the other two bridesmaids appear and give her a quick visit. Everyone at the reception heard her yell so loudly that it was obvious what had happened. It seems that a visitor hurried in to assist with supplies. Eventually, the two older bridesmaids emerge and take a seat at the bridal table as Bridezilla wouldn’t stop talking until they did. The guys did in fact believe they had TMI.


“I was working at a popular vacation spot on the East Coast when a bride wanted her ceremony on the beach at sunset, with the sun setting over the water,” Redditor u/Himsjustaboy wrote in sharing their tale. When she realized the sun would set over land instead of water, she lost her composure. She was on the east coast, and she had no idea that the sun sets in the west.


“I was a replacement bridesmaid at a wedding at the last minute… because the woman I was replacing had been sent to prison for beating her child,” a Redditor from a deleted account wrote. The initial bridesmaid was two feet shorter and two hundred pounds heavier than me, which was a problem. That day, I made an incredible rush to find a dress.


“I once flew into a foreign country for this woman’s wedding since I was a bridesmaid,” Redditor u/rammaam said in an explanation. She constantly fought with her fiancé, shoved her daughter, starved and neglected her pets, tried to control what I ate, accused me of stealing from her because I took a Pepsi from the refrigerator after they told me to make myself at home, and freaked out the night before as we were setting up because everything was wrong. All of these things happened during the time I was there.

About a month after the day ended and I took a plane back home, I received an email that said, “You really pissed everyone off! To them, you were indolent and impolite. You’re not being called names by my spouse. He is merely criticizing you for who you are. I urged her to get over it and blocked her. The next thing I knew, my friends and family were being intimidated and harassed, false profiles with my identity and photo had been created, and my address and phone number had been added to Facebook along with some inappropriate messages.


A Redditor with a deleted account said, “My father has four sisters and is one of eight children. Having worked hard his entire life, my grandfather was able to live off of his pension for twenty years after he retired. All of his girls’ weddings had been covered by him. When my grandfather declined to cover the costs of my aunt’s 300-person island wedding in the Bahamas, she lost her temper. My aunt was getting married for the third time. He offered to pay for her honeymoon to the Bahamas and was fine with paying for a small wedding in their hometown. He had already covered the cost of her two honeymoons.

In response, she called him stingy and expressed her gratitude that my grandma passed away early so she wouldn’t have to witness her husband become avaricious. Ultimately, with the backing of the family, my grandfather instructed her to cover the cost of her wedding. After this incident almost five years ago, the aunt has only been in touch with my other aunt. She reportedly got divorced from her third spouse and “retired” at age 45 to live in a Florida condo. She is subsisting on the money from her divorce settlements.


“I work in an industry with a busy season, so you cannot get time off toward the end except in life-or-death situations,” a Redditor wrote from their deleted account. I told my wife’s sister that I was delighted the wedding was taking place right after the busy season, as I would not have been able to go if it had been even three days earlier because it would take 900 miles to get there. My wife’s sister had informed us three months in advance that she was getting married. She contacted the next day to let us know that the wedding had been rescheduled for two weeks early.

I apologized and told her that I was unable to attend since it would have ruined my career. She attempted to guilt-trip me into going while ignoring anything I said. Every other day, I would receive phone calls from SIL or MIL, who were screaming and yelling at me, telling me that I would ruin the wedding by not attending, even though they knew I wouldn’t go in this circumstance even before they rescheduled the wedding date. My spouse attended the nuptials. I consumed a pizza. It was very excellent.


I didn’t want my mother to be a part of the wedding because my wife’s family had moved the reception hall table that she had set up the night before for the rehearsal, according to a Redditor named u/Trei_Gamer, who made this statement two hours prior to the wedding.

It was unbelievably hard for me to reply, “You want to make this all about you? I’m getting married in two hours!””Weddings and funerals tend to bring out the worst in families. It is somewhat depressing.


“I used to work for a tent company, and we would set up for weddings,” Redditor u/DrewTip said. There was a time in July when the temperature outside reached 95 degrees, and we were all in pain. There was a big dance floor, stage, tent, tables, seats, cutlery, lights, and other amenities for this big wedding. The bride seemed pleasant and composed when we got at her parents’ house at seven in the morning. She promised to reward all of us for our hard work by buying us lunch at around noon. In addition, she promised to bring water for us because it was so hot outside, and after we were done, we could just tap into the keg. Fantastic, huh? False. We finished setting up the stage and dance floor, erected the tent, and completed the lights by midday. We needed to relocate the tent three feet, she said as she hurried out the door.

I said, “Are you kidding me?” at first.She wasn’t. We had to move the tent after discussing it with her; even when they say, “This is where I want the tent to go,” we had to do it since she changed her mind after we had set it up. We take it down, shift the tent three feet, and then reassemble it. It is about 8 p.m. now. No lunch, no dinner, no water. 10 p.m. arrives, and we find ourselves clearing tables. Saying, “You are making too much noise!!!” she rushed out. QUIET. “Could we please get some water now?,” inquired one of the guys I worked with. We used up all the water we brought. Then she says, “Well, the hose’s around back. Take a little, but not too much.” Water costs a much.


“I didn’t really know her, but I did attend the wedding of a family friend’s daughter,” a Redditor wrote. It was a nocturnal reception, with the ceremony right before, most likely from 6 p.m. to 11 or 12. When we entered the reception, we were expecting a buffet, but there was none. We later learned that the 120 guests had only received a cheese spread, fruit dish, and vegetables with dip instead of any actual food. After an hour, some started to get hungry and started to leave.

The bride, furious that everyone was ruining her wedding, screamed as she rushed across the room in her dress and shut the doors. “Bride’s Day, Bride’s Way!” she exclaimed.Her father had to remove her from the door due to the intense situation. In the meantime, everyone who didn’t know her well departed. I learned through rumors that she puked and spent the entire night inconsolable.


“My sister was a bridesmaid at my 38-year-old aunt’s wedding,” commented Redditor u/omneeatlas. My aunt yelled at my sister for running out of time during a church practice. It was terrible for my seven-year-old sister to see a severely stressed-out bridezilla staring at her because she hadn’t stepped into the proper location at the right moment. She started crying, and my mother told me that my aunt remarked, “Oh, and now she’s crying.” Could you tell me your age again?”

My mother was enraged with her. Because my aunt is obstinate, my mother instructed her to look for a new bridesmaid for a few weeks. Until my grandmother pleaded with her to change her mind for the sake of the wedding, my aunt refused to budge. My sister still doesn’t think well of my aunt. My aunt is still quite particular. She now presides over her small daughter as a queen. She transforms into the Hulk if anything bad occurs to her.


Redditor u/syriquez posted a narrative, saying, “This incident was recounted by an ex-coworker; it is not based on my experience.” He took a full two weeks off work to attend a wedding in Hawaii with his spouse (they arrived two days before to the Saturday wedding). They reasoned that they would make the trip worthwhile and have a holiday if they traveled to Hawaii for this wedding.

They seemed to be the only pair who made that decision. When the bride learned, she lost her composure. “THIS IS MY WEDDING!” she exclaimed. WHY IS IT ONLY MERE FOOTNOTE FOR YOUR CURRENT VACATION?His wife reportedly scoffed in her face and advised her to give her a call if she made the decision to mature. To her credit, the bride called again later and expressed her sincere regret for her outburst. Nerves, I suppose.


Redditor u/kittenhiccups wrote about her experience as a bridesmaid in a wedding with a winter theme. We dressed in MUFFS and blue silk gowns with white faux fur capelets. As we were preparing for the wedding, the bride remarked, “Kittenhiccups, let me see your muff.” I laughed and batted my eyelashes, saying, “I’ve been waiting so long to hear those words from you!”

A moose would have died from the look she gave me. She became quite critical of me, saying that maybe I should go hang out with the groomsmen if I was going to make crude jokes and that I wasn’t taking things seriously enough. Yes. Maybe I ought to have.


“My brother’s first wife wouldn’t allow any of our family she hadn’t met into the wedding,” Redditor u/Gipperfish had revealed. Since our family is large, she would only be able to invite one cousin that she had met—her parents and siblings who lived out of town, for example—into the celebration. She turned down our invitation to host an engagement party, which would have allowed her to meet some of our guests from out of town.

She stated that she didn’t want to extend an invitation to relatives she didn’t know well and had only met once. We ultimately chose to go with just our immediate relatives. We reasoned that this would be less offensive and awkward than dividing up the family. Consequently, my brother’s wedding was attended by six guests and about sixty-five on the bride’s family.


“My girlfriend and I returned to our hotel on the night of my brother’s wedding,” Redditor u/hotmoves had said. There was an after-party for another wedding down the hall, where guests were drinking and having a good time in a room decorated in bridesmaids’ dresses and tuxedos. The bride ran out, shouting into a cell phone and ordering someone to return there immediately as we were passing by.

She yelled into the party room as she hung up, asking, “Who abandons their bride on their wedding night?!?”It seems that the groom and his guests were in a tavern across the street. Whether she qualifies as a bridezilla is debatable because she raised a valid argument. On the night of their wedding, who deserts their bride?”


“I was dating my cousin’s best friend before my cousin and his now-wife got married,” Redditor u/livmaj had said. My ex-boyfriend served as the best man, and I was a bridesmaid. I broke up with my boyfriend before the wedding. The bride-to-be informed me via email that I was no longer a bridesmaid as a result.

That’s not an issue, I said. I anticipated that, but as I was 3000 kilometers away at the time, I gently mentioned that I doubted I would be able to make the trip. My cousin went berserk. She broke off our relationship and informed me that my family was not allowed to attend the wedding. Because of her, my family and my cousin’s family still don’t talk.


Regarding their best friend’s wedding, Redditor u/Ihadacow wrote, “My best friend, who is usually very sweet and quiet, was rude when she got married.” She started by telling me what I would be serving at her bridal shower, which I would host at my place on a date she chose without asking. The date she set fell in the middle of my examinations, and I was in the middle of my honors year of my bachelor’s degree in a different city, fifteen hours away. In order to save money, she also intended to make a lot of items for her wedding, including the aisle runner, centerpieces, arch, veil, etc.

She said, “I didn’t have time to make anything, so I need you to do it,” the night before the wedding, when I arrived in town. I spent the entire night sewing and arranging flowers while she slept. When we got to the hall in the middle of winter, the floor was unclean. All that was available for cleaning it was a bucket and a rag. I was forced to clean the floor on my hands and knees after laboring through the night. I was worn out, hurt, and detested every second of her wedding. After that, I didn’t speak with her for months.


The story of how a friend of hers for eight years requested her to be a bridesmaid was recounted by Redditor u/SeabgfKirby. I accepted without realizing she would be a haughty, conceited bridezilla. She wanted to be the only one with blonde hair, so she made us all wear these terrible outfits that we had to pay for and made us dye our hair. I didn’t want to tint my naturally blonde hair for a day. She replaced me with another girl after becoming enraged.

She then had the audacity to demand payment for food from anyone who wasn’t in her bridal party, asking for $80 from each visitor (my boyfriend and I paid $160). She had a buffet of barbecue food. She also wanted a gift that cost more than $50. All of this was sent by Facebook. I answered that I would cover the cost of the meal or a gift. I just noticed her wedding was on the day my partner is competing in the Tough Mudder race after receiving a paper copy invitation. That’s what I picked over her wedding.


From their since-deleted account, a Redditor posted, “My sister was getting married soon, but she hadn’t invited me.” Even that she was dating someone was unknown to me. I approached her about it a few days before the wedding.
Me: “Mary, did you overlook my request to come?”
“Trust me, I can’t explain right now,” she said.
Then, on the day of her wedding, I received a message from our common acquaintance, saying, “RUSH TO THE WEDDING ASAP. YOU NEED TO SEE THIS.” I immediately head there and am astounded by what I see.
Me: “Why is my partner dressed in a bridal suit?”
Sister: “We intended to inform you that your “lover” and I have been dating for a long time. I reasoned that by not inviting you, I would spare you the hurt, but we had no idea how to convey the news to you.
My eyes welled with tears as the betrayal’s weight struck me. In addition to my boyfriend, I had also lost my closest friend. The fact that they had opted to conceal their affair rather than face it head-on was a devastating reality.

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