Mom’s Baby Bump Was Enormous People Thought She Was Carrying 8 Babies

It goes without saying that every mother has had the amazing, if slightly unsettling, sensation of feeling their baby move inside their womb.

Every woman’s experience with pregnancy is different. Some people are unable to eat and can spend days on end in bed. Some, on the other hand, may be busier and more effective than they have ever been.


Renae W, a woman from the United States, started sharing images of her growing tummy on the social media site TikTok as soon as she learned she was expecting her sixth child.


When Renae found out she was pregnant, she changed her focus from originally posting films on her road towards recovery to living a sober life.

Her enormous tummy was one of the reasons she attracted so much attention and quickly gained a sizable following.

Although she didn’t receive much interaction for her early videos, Renae’s channel eventually amassed millions of viewers as her belly continued to develop. Many believed she had an army of children in her womb; some even conjectured that she might be carrying up to eight children.

Renae, for her part, was positive that she was carrying a single child.

Indeed, there is just one. In one of her videos, she stated, “I’m sure.”

The mother of four generated even more speculations and theories when she refused to provide a medical explanation for her enormous tummy. An unusually large baby bump has previously been linked to polyhydramnios, excess fluid, and gestational diabetes. But according to Renae, everything was normal, regardless of what people said or the opinions of the physicians.

“The baby is measuring a week and four days ahead, and I had an ultrasound not too long ago, so the fluid is normal,” the woman stated.

However, some were compelled to remark and felt compelled to be critical of the mother. One physician, who is presumably meant to be encouraging, voiced concern about Renae. Upon viewing photos of her tummy, the medical expert was visibly astonished and advised the expectant mother to be concerned.

Renae claimed that because of her diminutive stature, her stomach appeared larger than it truly was.

A few years ago, she gave birth to another boy, who weighed nine pounds and six ounces. In spite of this, Renae’s admirers found it hard to accept that her enormous belly contained just one child. Many people struggled to find words.

“I swear you have like 4 twins in there,” someone wrote.

There is a fully grown adult in there, remarked a different user.

One commenter joked, “He’s gonna come out 30 years old with a credit score of 800.”

In the course of her widely reported pregnancy, she put on 35 pounds. Watchers got to see as her tummy gradually grew. A video that Renae posted while 37 weeks pregnant received an incredible 37 million views. Thankfully, a few individuals stood up and supported the mother.

Every woman has a unique carrying style. Each pregnancy is unique. Every pregnancy is different,” wrote a lady.

“It’s unbelievable that he would even mention that to you without even knowing about your pregnancy,” another person said.

It was time to put an end to people who wouldn’t accept that Renae was only carrying one child on February 18. She had a scheduled C-section to give birth to her enormous boy.

The baby was 22 and 1/2 inches tall and weighed 9 pounds, 8 ounces. Renae claims that her son, who is 15 inches round, also got his father’s “big head.” The most significant thing, though, is that her son was born healthily.

In February, she said, “When your son comes out looking like Superman flying and comes out hand first.”Sure, son, I did say that—just one huge, healthy baby boy.

Renae’s life was complicated by her large tummy, but once her son was born, she started to miss the pregnancy bump. The mother claimed that losing her bump felt “weird.”

Her postpartum stomach piqued the interest of her fans as well. Renae flaunted her tummy eleven weeks after having her C-section and addressed the criticism that kept coming up in her comments.

“After my C-section, five days ago. She stated, “My 9-pound, 8-ounce baby and an additional five and a half pounds were the only weight I dropped.

“Why people don’t realize that every person carries differently is beyond me. Being short, I put everything on display. You damaged your body, I’ve been warned, and “your stretch marks are going to be so bad afterwards.” In all honesty, I don’t give a damn because my body has blessed me with five wonderful children and an angel baby. I adore my body and everything that it has accomplished.

Renae posted footage of herself cuddling her adorable child in her arms to demonstrate the size of the child.

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