Husband Pays Over $5k For Friends’ & Co-workers’ Christmas Presents, Wife Is ‘Shocked’ Seeing The Price Of Her Gift

After learning that her spouse had spent over $5,000 on holiday gifts, the woman took action.


But when she saw how little his gift was in comparison to the others, she was shocked.

A recently married couple was spending Christmas as a married pair. They carried on a long-standing tradition of purchasing and exchanging gifts separately after three years of dating.

While sorting through some stuff at home, the woman unintentionally discovered her husband’s Christmas list. She was merely intrigued, so she decided to read it.


When she found out about her husband’s Christmas plans, she was devastated. She went to Reddit to see if her sentiments were okay.

Her spouse made her feel unimportant.

Her husband’s first focus was getting gifts for his loved ones who weren’t in his immediate family.

Among the more lavish gifts he bought were a $900 workout equipment for a friend, a $250 bracelet for his sister-in-law, and a $600 watch for a coworker.

Seeing the attention he put into his gifts for others, the woman was very thrilled to see what he had purchased her for Christmas.

Still, when her name appeared on the list, her attitude darkened.

Rather than go for something as elegant as the other items on his list, he settled on a $20 set of stainless steel kitchen utensils.

The woman was shocked and found herself unable to control the inward anguish she was experiencing.


The Wife At Last Confronted the Spouse

She clarified, “I had a confrontation with him about this because I was too shocked to ignore it.”

Having paid for the gifts himself, her spouse remarked that he could provide anything.

The woman said that she was insulted by his callousness. Her spouse stated that she shouldn’t base her appreciation on the cost of a gift.

Her spouse was really upset over the altercation. However, the incident was still vivid in the woman’s memory since she believed her husband did not value her as much as she did.

When they were first dating, she would treat him to his favorite footwear or gaming equipment. At last, he referred to his spouse as a “ungrateful, spoiled brat.”

More than that, he implored her to just enjoy her Christmas present and to not be so self-centered. After that, the husband stopped talking to his wife because he felt she was being silly.

The woman, feeling torn and perplexed, looked to Reddit for guidance.

She was shocked to learn that her husband didn’t treat her with the same regard he did for his friends, even though everyone had warned her about this.

“I would be SERIOUSLY weirded out if one of my coworkers spent so much more on me than on their own spouse,” someone wrote.I would feel quite uncomfortable if my BIL were to give me a $250 bracelet. I would be horrified if you included in the fact that he only paid $20 for spoons for his wife,” someone another remarked.

Some even went so far as to advise the woman to file for divorce due to her husband’s unsavory behavior.”To lavish presents and affection on others rather than your significant other is a serious warning sign.but anticipate receiving lovely things from them in return. It’s quite impolite,” a commenter stated.

If you could have been the woman, what would you have done? Is it appropriate that she went straight to her spouse and inquired about his Christmas wish list?

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