Daughter-in-law was acting meanly towards the mother-in-law, so the old woman decided to give her a lesson

Once her husband Ron passed away, Lucy moved in with her son and daughter-in-law. She was staying in their home until she was ready to live alone since she wasn’t ready to live alone after her loss.

Lucy desired for her kid to get the rent that she was earning from her own home. That was to express gratitude, she clarified. Lucy was living alone with her housewife of a daughter-in-law, Eve, while her son, Connor, worked long hours as an IT technician.

As he carried her suitcase, Connor informed his mother that she would remain on the first floor, adding, “So, you don’t have to worry about your knees and the stairs.”

All was well in the beginning. She was attentive, and Eve was quite pleasant to her. She declined Lucy’s offer of assistance while she was cooking and cleaning the dishes.

However, Lucy made an effort to assist her with all of the housework. However, as time went on, Lucy found herself undertaking household chores on her own, though her aging knees were now fatigued.


A few days before to Christmas Eve contacted her mother-in-law, Lucy, when she was watching TV.


Eve began, “Lucy, once you’ve finished the laundry, please go buy groceries for both Christmas dinner and dinner tonight.” There are nine people visiting. Before you depart, I’ll give you the money.


Lucy was taken aback, as they were shopping together. She was giving orders this time instead of only asking.

Lucy then understood that the longer she lived there, the longer her daughter-in-law would utilize her as a maid. Her status as a guest had changed.

Before leaving, though, she wished to teach Eve a lesson. Lucy understood how to prepare food and cook for a large crowd because she grew up in a large household.

Lucy had prepared some great food, and when Christmas arrived, the smells filled the home.

As the guests began to arrive, they made their way to the dinner table. One of her son’s friends said, “Aunt Lucy, this cuisine is delicious! Was everything you cooked by yourself?

Lucy grinned and said, “I did, Ross.”

Following the compliments she received, she noticed her son Connor was proud of his mother. Lucy was likewise joyful, but since this was her first Christmas without her husband Ron, she was also missing him.

“Lucy, I didn’t think you could make so many amazing things,” Eve remarked.

Lucy said, “Thank you, Eve,” since she was thinking of a way to discipline Eve.

While Connor was serving their guests in their living room following dinner, Eve and Lucy were clearing the table. Lucy noticed that Eve was wearing an expression of jealousy.

Lucy was envious of everyone’s praise and delight at her dish. Lucy asked, “May we talk?” Later, Eve inquired.

Indeed, Lucy replied. What are you thinking about, my love?

“I had no idea how much work you do at home. I increased your load because I wanted to take it easy. I apologize so much. She stated.

After realizing Eve had learned her lesson, Lucy grinned. “I just need you to know that as much as I want to help around the house, I’m old and my knees aren’t the same anymore,” Lucy said. “It’s more than fine.”

“Come on, let’s go put your feet up. We make a great team,” Eve exclaimed. I’ll brew you some tea.

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