Boy Didn’t Ask For Any Gifts From Santa Instead Request To Help His Sister.

Sometimes we are surprised by the wishes of the younger generation of children when those letters contain wishes for things other than toys, clothing, etc. Occasionally, they astonish us with peculiar desires. This tale from 2013 is one example of that kind.

Karen Suffern of Rocky Mount, North Carolina was taken aback by the reaction of her 8-year-old twins, Ryan and Amber, when she asked them to write a letter to Santa.

She was shocked to learn that Ryan had asked Santa to put an end to the school bullies who were harassing his sister. Every day, Amber, a third-grader, had to deal with bullies. Karen anticipated that her twins would ask for the typical items—clothes, toys, books, etc.

“Dear Santa,” Ryan had penned in his first wish. I no longer want the [remote control] automobile and helicopter that I once desired. Amber continues to be picked on by schoolchildren, which is unfair because she does nothing to them. “I prayed for them to stop, but God is angry and in need of your assistance. “Is it forbidden to present the gift before the deadline?” he wrote.

(Set aside the misspellings. He is, after all, a cute little kid.

“Is it possible to get Big Time Rush to attend Amber’s birthday party?” was his second wish. She will be overjoyed by it. If you’re unable to convince them to come, just give her everything she requests. Regards, Santa.

Amber was a fan of the well-known New York City band Big Time Rush.

“Of course, I read it to find out what he wanted,” Karen stated after Ryan gave it to her and warned her not to read it. “At that moment, I became aware and thought, ‘Oh my god.'”

The letter went viral around the world after Karen shared it on her Facebook page with her family and a select group of close friends. Ryan’s words moved a lot of people. “It’s simultaneously astounding and intimidating,” Karen remarked.

“Good Morning America” called Karen and her twins after seeing his letter. That day, “Good Morning America” granted one of his demands.

Amber told Josh Elliott, the co-anchor of Good Morning America, about how she was teased at school by students, but she wasn’t sure why.

“They say I’m fat,” Amber said to Elliott during the interview. I am a moron. I’m not attractive. I also look horrible. Really, I don’t think they’re real.

“You don’t have to do that,” she added in response to Ryan’s statement that he wanted children would disturb him instead of his sister. “Yes, I do,” he said in response. Ryan is a playful, energetic, and watchful brother, according to Amber. She was moved by his letter to Santa because of this.

To their astonishment, Big Time Rush was actually waiting for them to give her an early birthday present—exactly what Ryan had hoped for. Amber was treated to a unique performance by Big Time Rush, her all-time favorite band. It made her grin, which was very needed. They were also invited to a performance in New York City over the weekend as VIP guests.

Speaking of bullying, Karen knew already that her kid was being tormented at school, and it devastated her. Karen said, “She would tell me things that other kids would say at school.” They would encourage her to try new things; for example, she would crawl across the bus’ floorboards. She used to eat things off of chairs, you know.It made me feel bad because I thought, “I hope she’s not feeling the same way I did at her age.” It followed a pattern, too.

Growing up, Karen experienced bullying as well. She recently commented, “Sometimes I just feel like I wanna die so they’ll leave me alone,” to Amber. Karen made the decision that it had to cease at that point.

Karen blurted out, “I literally felt my heart stop as soon as those words came out of her mouth.” “I assured her that I would take every precaution to keep her safe.”

According to Karen, Amber had a mood problem, depression, and ADHD. Amber’s situation improved as a result of Karen being able to speak with her children’s school thanks to Ryan’s letter.

“My daughter feels safe and comfortable, and the school has been in contact,” Karen stated. They relocated her to the bus since, according to statistics, 98% of bullying occurs there. Now, she is seated next to her cousin, who is considerably older than Amber.

Karen commented, “I guess that’s a good sign because she didn’t wake up begging me to let her stay at home today or yesterday.”

This demonstrates the significant influence that a small, well-motivated letter can have.

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