An old cowboy instantly regrets getting a shave An old cowboy instantly regrets getting a shave

A rising percentage of males have decided not to shave in an effort to look more appealing in recent years.

The long-beard trend has become rather popular.

The joke that follows is about an old cowboy who wanted to get a clean cut and shave off his beard.

Ultimately, he was pleased with how he looked, but he was finding it difficult to cope with anything that was going on behind the scenes.

We hope this will bring you some amusement. Read the passage below.


An elderly rancher enters a Dillon, Montana barbershop to get his hair and beard clipped.


He tells the barber that because of his aging cheeks, he can’t get rid of all the whiskers.



The barber gives the elderly cowboy a small wooden ball from a cup on the shelf and instructs him to insert it into his cheek to spread the skin.

When he’s done, the elderly rancher tells the barber that it was the finest shave he’s had in a long time, but he was curious about what would have happened if he had eaten that tiny ball by mistake.

“Oh, you would just bring it back in a couple of days like everyone else does,” the barber shot back.

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