A woman dressed simply and with a sad face, entered a supermarket!

A melancholic woman wearing a simple outfit walked inside a grocery!

She went up to the proprietor and requested if she may take some items and pay for them later.

She softly said that they had seven children and that her husband was terribly sick and could not work. They also needed food.

Unfazed, the shop owner ordered the guards to exclude the woman from the establishment. Still, the mother, with her family on her mind, begged on:

“Please accept my payment; I’ll be right over.” The business owner stated that he was unable to provide food to a stranger on credit. A customer stood next to the business entrance, listening in on the chat.

The proprietor was informed by a client that he was intrigued by his wife’s purchases, but he chose to ignore her. When the woman called, the business owner inquired, “Do you have a shopping list?” She answered.


Indeed, sir. He said, “All right, put your list on the scales and I’ll feed you while you weigh the list.” He took a time to reflect, turned over, took a piece of paper, and wrote something about it. The woman put the paper on the scales and then looked scared.


The scales fell as soon as I did, as though I had set a stone on top of it. Both the consumer and the business owner gave him a stunned look.

The store owner began to stack food on the opposite side of the scales, but she didn’t even shift. Eventually, the food would never fit, and she lost patience and grabbed the piece of paper.

to check for any tricks. The proprietor of the shop read the article in shock.

The prayer said, “Lord, the Lord knows my needs, I leave this situation in Your hands.” It was not a shopping list.

When the woman left the store, the owner gave her all of the food that was on the scales and said nothing.

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