The Young Heroes: 12 Children Honored for Their Crime-Busting Acts, Along with a Dog

Thanks to the group of kids known as “human arrows” who guided authorities to robbers during our amazing adventure, any child can become a hero!

The teenagers, who went by the nickname “Tremendous Twelve,” became well-known online after they created a human arrow that was so clever that it directed a police helicopter toward two burglary suspects who were running. Furthermore, similar to the fictitious characters of Enid Blyton, they journeyed with their devoted Yorkshire terrier, named Molly.

The kids remarked yesterday, “We feel really proud – it was awesome,” when they first talked to The Mail on Sunday about their amazing experience. They were in the middle of a field near Capel, Surrey, on an Easter egg hunt when they noticed the helicopter circling. Their ages ranged from six to twelve.

“We could see it said “police” on the bottom, and it was really noisy,” a nine-year-old girl remembered. Then we saw a man racing along the boundary of the field. The man was observed taking off his sweater and putting it around his head.

She said, ‘They were trying to yell at the pilot.

The chopper was really pointing in the opposite way, she explained, despite their best attempts to scream and shout for it to turn toward the man.

After saying, “Let’s get into an arrow,” two of my friends and I took our places on the ground.

The children rested in the mud for nearly a minute before noticing the helicopter approaching.

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