Strange looking item has everyone on the internet completely baffled

There are times when we come across items on the internet that baffle us. Everyone was perplexed by this specific item till the explanation served to clear things out.

Learn exactly what this object was and how it was supposed to be utilized by reading on.

BrightSide claims that a query and an unclear image were posted by someone. While searching through their father’s drawer, they stumbled upon something they had never seen before. In addition to being cylindrical in shape, it had two attachments that protruded from its side.

BrightSide reports that someone asked, “My mom found this in my dad’s drawer.” Is that what I’m scared of?

The original question was posted on Reddit, an internet site that individuals frequently visit with unusual requests and inquiries, according to BrightSide.

As usual, the Reddit community stepped up to assist the poster in identifying the object.

The mysterious object was actually a quite innocuous add-on for a juicer. It was a piece of an attachment for a Sunbeam Mixmaster juicer. Juice was supposed to flow out of the bowl on the original attachment, which was fixed to the mixer’s top. The purpose of the wire component was to aid with pulp filtration.

Everything makes so much sense when you understand the object in its whole. If not, it could appear really perplexing.

It’s a funny image to imagine that the original poster was perplexed about its intended function and wondered what it could be. It must have been quite difficult to identify the object because the bowl it was attached to was vanished!


All in all, this peculiar-looking gadget has a connection to a juicer that you might not have predicted!

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