“Son, you should never know about this,” just before her death, She decided to reveal a dark secret from her past to her son.

Zhenya walked outside to water the garden beds with the hose. “What made me plant so much?” she questioned. She felt sick all of a sudden. When Zhenya called her son, he immediately dialed for help. Eugenia was removed from her house by Andriy when he came. She traveled with her son. He spent the entire night on a bench close to her room’s door, and he spent the next day holding his mother’s hand.

The mom mumbled, “Son, I want to tell you something.” His mother murmured something in Andriy’s ear as he leaned in. With a start, Andriy gazed at his mother while remaining motionless. Eugenia had been living alone for a while, so she cooked for two as usual. Her children left home even earlier, and her spouse passed away two years ago. The younger one because of schooling, and the older one because of work.Eugenia lived alone, and her sons had little time for the elderly because they were preoccupied with their own lives.

Grandma Zhenya was often asking herself, “What’s wrong with my sons? The younger one is still in school, so he’s fine. However, the older one doesn’t intend to form a family or have children because he is too preoccupied with his work. In addition, I want to live out my final years close to my grandchildren so that I can indulge them while I still have the opportunity.

Eugenia decided to work with the soil a little before it got too hot, and she finished her tea with these ideas. Whom did I plant so many things for? I’ll find half of it to be too much. The woman said to herself, “Oh, Zhenka, Zhenka. She was feeling ill while she worked. The elderly woman became aware that her feet were leaving the ground. She reached for her phone first, but before she could rapidly remember the ambulance number, she called her younger son, telling him she was feeling very ill and begging him to call for help.

In a nasty way, her son answered, “You see, she’ll do anything to bring me to her.” You’ve found someone to call, mom. Calm down and ask your neighbor Ludmila for the ambulance number. How am I meant to find out your rural ambulance’s number? Every second that went by, her health got worse. Then she contacted her older son, but she hung up before she could say anything. He showed there right away beside his mother, and an ambulance followed. Eugenia had to be hospitalized immediately, the doctors decided. Her kid remained by her side the entire time, and when she was in the hospital, he waited to enter her room until they gave him permission.

He cried, “Mom, you’re scaring me. Did you go crazy behind those doors?” “Son, I have a message for you. I don’t think this could come at a better time,” Eugenia said, taking her son’s hand. You were two years old when your father and I got married. A year had gone by since your mother’s death. We were waiting for the ideal time to tell you about it because we didn’t know how. Mom, I’m already aware of everything. Those paperwork were in your cupboard, Sergey and I saw. I am aware of my mother’s goodness. She didn’t, regrettably, witness my first movements or hear my first words, but I count myself fortunate that fate brought me you. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me and still do on a daily basis.

Please accept my apologies if I caused any harm. I just couldn’t hold it inside. Please pardon me for… Eugenia began to cry, but her son stopped her before she could continue. “Mum! You don’t need to apologize for anything. Since you are my closest and most cherished friend, I promise never to let anyone hurt you. However, let’s try not to make each other upset. I will shortly present you to my future wife. We intend to get married, and she is two months pregnant.Instead of announcing it in this manner, we simply wanted to do so in a unique approach. So that you don’t have to go through anything, get healthy soon. Do you agree? Oh, where could I go, my son? I’m all set to get up now! Why didn’t you inform me sooner? “I wouldn’t have ended up here,” Eugenia said, her tears instantly turning to happy ones.

In fact, she moved in permanently with her older son and his fiancee after being released from the hospital a few days later. Thus, the elderly woman’s life started a new period of prosperity.

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