People Wondered about the Purpose of These 10 Things & Got Unexpected Answers

More things become outdated as new ones are created. Still, finding an ancient or historic artifact can be thrilling.


But a lot of enigmatic objects from bygone eras have left people perplexed and bewildered, causing them to look to Reddit for clarification.

Here are ten well-known yet perplexing items that, in some cases, nonetheless have important functions despite their former use.


1. Wooden Box

Colorful slats in a Wooden Box

While wooden boxes are generally easy to recognize, someone was confused by this specific one. As it happens, the box is filled with tiny, vibrant wooden slats. It was evident as soon as one asked. These enigmatic objects aren’t really mysterious at all, and they still hold true today. There are a matching piece for each of the 22 slats, or “tablets,” that make up the wooden box’s 11 colors. It’s a Montessori toy that aids with color identification and enhances matching abilities. with certain situations, it can also be used to provide kids a more thorough explanation of how different colors are formed.

2. Mysterious Objects that Look As They Do

Explosive on a Wood Plank

A strange and obviously antiquated piece of gear was discovered in Montreal, Canada. They went to Reddit without realizing it, where someone verified that these mysterious objects were precisely what they looked like: an unexploded artillery shell. Thankfully, a bomb squad was called in to safely dispose of the explosive.


3. Little Metal Fork

Tiny spoon in hand. Tire in background

After discovering this little metal spoon, someone searched Reddit for information. As can be expected, there were a variety of reactions, some of which included jokes regarding the mystery objects and their provenance. Others countered with logical justifications. After all, it was designed to accomplish a number of tasks, such as clearing out ear wax or dirt under nails.


4. A Quirky Little Structure

Brick structure, traffic sign and a power line

This building, for instance, is located in Kerry, Ireland. Seemingly, it is only a lofty brick structure with no function. But in reality, it was a component of the railroad, serving as a reservoir for refueling tenders and tanks. These kinds of constructions are found all throughout the world, especially by abandoned or active railroad tracks. An additional illustration of this is a water refill station that is still in operation and can be seen along the historic train route that runs from Durango, Colorado, and Silverton, Colorado, and back.


5. Extra Sturdy Zippers for Pillow Cases

These mysterious objects, which mimic security tags and are frequently discovered in hotels, have many people curious as to why they exist. It’s actually a very straightforward response, which is comforting for people who might be extremely cautious of germs or worried about bed bugs. It turns out that the robust zipper and tag are intended to keep bed bugs out of typical hotel products like couch cushions and pillows, as well as to stop them from laying eggs and proliferating within.

6. Mysterious Things That Seem to Be Off-putting to Everyone

Hand holding one of the mystery items

Someone discovered this strange metal thing in their grandmother’s cellar. Some people would claim that it looks like a torture device, and although that’s possible, it would only apply to cows. It turns out that these strange mystery objects have a straightforward explanation. Cows were milked using them. But the specifics are kind of gross, so I won’t get into them in this little explanation.

7. Cutter for Eggs

Hand holding one of the mystery items

This was a real kitchen equipment, looking a lot like a torture device. Its purpose was to make cracking eggshells easier so that people could enjoy a soft-boiled egg without creating a huge mess. These are actually practical culinary equipment that go by the name of “egg toppers.”

8. Mysterious Objects That Seem Like Common Items

Plumb bob with a brick wall background

The object in question has a little resemblance to the Top, a well-known children’s toy, or a pendulum that is used by healers and clock regulators. In actuality, though, it’s a kind of “plumb bob,” used to measure lengths such as depth or height.

9. Badly Laid Brick

Brick wall with outcropping

Homes and structures are constructed with such exquisite craftsmanship that it might be perplexing to discover a seemingly shoddy foundation. But there’s a very good explanation for this “outcropping,” and it’s all deliberate. It turns out that the true purpose of these mysterious objects is to operate as drain spouts, collecting rainwater from both within buildings and roofs.

10. Odd Objects Discovered in Matches

Match pin

When lighters were harder to come by and almost everyone smoked, this strange but awesome piece of history came in useful. It’s basically a match-holding pin that you may wear on your shirt. For this reason, having it once at a time was quite convenient.

For a very long time, people have been making useful things to make life easier. That being said, mysterious objects will inevitably be found from time to time given the constantly evolving nature of our environment. Most likely buried deep under the ground in garages, basements, backyards, and other abandoned locations that provide as a window into the past.

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