After the girl’s words, didn’t even blink an eye and dismissed her. But soon something happened that made the woman completely lose her composure.

Possessed every fantasy one could have. Her son completed his studies with success, got a job as a manager, and soon become wealthy. Above all, he remodeled and purchased a large apartment for his mother.received money each month from her son, so she didn’t need to worry. Her son had shown little desire in raising a family, even after numerous relationships; the only thing that was lacking was him settling down. But as time went on, she grew to want to spend as much time as possible with her grandkids.

Her door was knocked on one evening.opened it to see a young woman wearing a shawl that was obviously covering her stomach. Son refused to acknowledge the child, despite the woman’s claims that he had tricked her during a visit to her village and left her pregnant. Despite the woman’s efforts to leave a piece of paper with her village’s address, the unfamiliar man disregarded her and shut the door.

A few months later, I began to dream about being a small child and would often wake up in the middle of the night from these dreams. She ultimately made the decision to pay the expectant client who had come to see her. After arriving to the destitute community, she discovered a small, run-down cottage with a little child with golden hair sitting on the stove. The same woman said hello. She used the example of caring for cows to convey her difficulties in taking care of herself and her daughter.provided information on his son that exactly fit his description.

Had to travel to the city with her granddaughter.workload at the Cultural House has increased. Son felt regret after finding out about this. He began going to see his mother more often in order to spend time with his daughter as well.

He came to love his daughter unconditionally as he learned to see that she was a remarkable woman. He chose to make a proposal to. They are now a single, big, happy family that resides together.

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