After her son’s question, she decided to dig into her husband’s phone. And from what she saw there, she almost fell through the ground in shock.

Anna ran into her classmate while she was in the maternity hospital. Although their paths in life had diverged, they were once great friends. Only her classmate’s opulent lifestyle was known to Anna; she had nothing to be jealous of. When Anna found out about her husband’s adultery while she was six months pregnant, she filed for divorce. He had been unfaithful to her for an extended period. She was unable to forgive him in spite of his entreaties for forgiveness.

conversely, led an opulent lifestyle, frequently posting pictures from upscale resorts to social media, dressing in fine clothing, and driving the newest models of vehicles. Her spouse cherished and loved her, and she led an opulent life. Anna felt self-conscious about her appearance and life when she saw her.

She was having a difficult time, and Anna supported her in getting back on her feet. In order to cheer Anna up, they spent time together in the hospital room and told her hilarious stories. Svitlana never flaunted her wealth, even if their lives were very different from one another. She helped Anna every step of the way during birth, and in the end, Anna had a gorgeous little baby.

Anna adored everyone around her since she was so happy and ecstatic. She eventually made amends with her spouse and got back together. She was appreciative of her assistance. Despite her continued belief that wealth may corrupt people, Anna remained as intelligent and caring as ever.
They visited one another, renewed their friendship, and reestablished their bond as best friends. It appeared that people weren’t always corrupted by wealth after all.

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