A Pregnant Dog Suddenly Got Hit By a Car, But No One Expected What Happened Next

After being struck by a car while giving birth, the Chihuahua ended up at Fuzz Ball Animal Rescue in Hermiston, Oregon.

The dog suffered injuries from the accident, and the rescue posted on Facebook that she was rushed to the Oregon Trail Veterinary Clinic to have her leg amputated.

Additionally, Xena’s baby was too big for a normal birth, necessitating an emergency C-section.

The Chihuahua mother and her healthy baby boy both survived their surgeries, according to the rescue, which revealed the happy conclusion to this terrifying story on Wednesday.

“It is fantastic to see that both are succeeding tremendously! This truly is a marvel of nature. The rescue wrote on Facebook, “This mother is a warrior, and so is her baby.” “To have overcome homelessness, being knocked down, going through labor with a puppy that was too big to come out, and then needing a c-section and having one leg amputated while in shock!” They are tiny marvels.

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