She found a brown stone on the ground, but as she got close and realized what it was, she was terrified and ran!

Some species, like octopuses with their tentacles and giraffes with their long necks, are impossible to imagine without specific physical traits.

This explains why the Nelson hedgehog is a very rare member of his species: he was born without a needle for unknown reasons! He’s the bald hedgehog.

Sadly, because he lacks a natural defensive mechanism, he will never be able to survive in the wild.

The wildlife fund spokesperson acknowledges the following: “We find Nelson to be an enormous mystery.” How he has survived for this long is just amazing.

Nelson seems to be in terrific shape, but given how often he receives oil massages, it looks like he lives in heaven! It is unlikely that anyone will ever comprehend why he doesn’t even own a needle, according to his mistress.

Even though Nelson isn’t quite as cute as the other hedgehogs you have seen, he is definitely the most unusual hedgehog you will ever see.

These are a few images:

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