My partner disappeared, leaving her two children with me, and what I discovered astonished me.

I live with my husband and two children in a small town. We have a good life, paying off our mortgage while raising our kids. My husband is the breadwinner, and I spend my days with my daughters, taking care of all the household chores. Our extended family lives in the same city as us, except for my sister-in-law, who lives in a different city.
We haven’t had particularly close relations with her. We haven’t had any conflicts, but we haven’t been particularly friendly either. She has been focused on her career for a long time, working a lot, buying her own apartment and car.

She hardly ever thinks about children and family. In recent years, she’s been traveling abroad frequently. She always looks down on us, my husband and me. Recently, my daughter started teething, and it was a tough night for both my husband and me. In the morning, our daughter finally fell asleep, and I decided to take a nap with her for a couple of hours.

 Suddenly, my sister-in-law called and started giving orders immediately. She told me to rush to my husband’s mother’s house. She claimed that their mother had a high fever in the morning and was speaking incoherently. My sister-in-law insisted that it was an emergency.

Instead of jumping to conclusions, I called my mother-in-law. She said she was fine now, that she had taken a pill and gone back to sleep. My sister-in-law called my husband as well, and he, like me, explained that he couldn’t drop everything and leave. He reassured her that everything would be fine with their mother.
Then my sister-in-law called me again and started a quarrel. She ordered me to drop my child and go to her mother immediately. However, I decided not to entertain this and hung up. If she wants to see her mother so much, she can go there herself. My husband and I have responsibilities, and we can’t drop everything for her unclear whims.

It seems like you handled the situation appropriately by checking on your mother-in-law and focusing on your own responsibilities. Your sister-in-law’s demands may have been unreasonable, especially considering your child’s needs and your own family commitments. Communication and understanding among family members are essential, but it’s crucial to maintain boundaries and prioritize your immediate family’s well-being.

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