«In a wet top without a bra!»: Paparazzi captured Cher, 76, with no makeup and in a wet blouse on vacation

The world is constantly delighted by this great singer’s incredible appearance. She was seen by paparazzi on a yacht while wearing a damp blouse and no bra. The legendary performer showed off her inherent beauty without makeup.

The salacious images went viral right away. Fans expressed their delighted surprise at her makeup-free face, saying that she didn’t need any and yet looked amazing.

“She always looks so beautiful!” or “I’m sorry, is this really her? I’m in shock!», «She hasn’t yet felt the effects of the years».

“She is the greatest woman of all time,” “How can someone look so good at 76 years old without makeup?”

Come on, let’s be real! “She looks her age!”, “Silent envy!”

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