A 2-month-old baby saying “I love you,” and his mom is over the moon with happiness.

An adoring mother records her 8-week-old baby saying “I love you” in a touching video. Any parent can attest that it’s always an incredible

The first time they hear their child speak. Most newborns can make speech-like noises by the time they are six months old. They can use these sounds to call out names like mommy and daddy or just to indicate what they want, like a toy or a bottle of milk.

It can be difficult to understand these statements because the infant might make a variety of noises, sounds, and even cries that could indicate completely different requirements. A recent YouTube video that showed how an 8-week-old infant could repeat her mother’s words “I love you” astounded a lot of viewers.

With the aid of the camera, the mother hopes to record the moment. Talking briefly with her young daughter about how the past

As Christmas came and went, the mother filled the girl with happiness with her wide smile and enthusiastic babble of sounds. Although several viewers questioned the veracity of this assertion, the mother was delighted to record it because it was a heartfelt moment of communication with her daughter.

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