«79-year-old Jagger proposed to his girlfriend!»: Here is the young partner of Jagger

M. Jagger, the star of “The Rolling Stones,” recently asked his fiancée to marry him. He gave her an opulent ring that was quite beautiful.

Melanie Hamrick accepted his proposal during their most recent trip to New York, and she now wears it all the time. She is the mother of one of his children, which is noteworthy.

While at the American Ballet Theater, she announced to her acquaintances that she and he were engaged. According to an insider, “all of her friends are extremely happy for her.”

The unusual couple was originally observed together on a Zurich hotel balcony. The celebrity and this woman started dating soon after his ex-girlfriend committed suicide.

After giving birth to the famous man’s ninth kid, the woman went on to become his fiancée.

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