When Farmer first takes the stage, the audience laughs at her until her singing takes them by surprise.

Others tend to make snap judgments about others based more on their appearance than their true nature, for whatever reason. A farmer’s appearance on a 2018 episode of “The X Factor” led some viewers to believe she wouldn’t make a good singer.


Both the judges and the audience were in complete disbelief as she started to sing.

English native Jacqueline Faye, 53, is from Oxfordshire. She spends the majority of her time tending to her husband’s cattle. Jacqueline recently rose to fame for her outstanding rendition of Cilla Black’s “You’re My World” in 2018.

Upon taking the stage, Jacqueline appeared shy and uneasy. She took everyone by surprise when she started to sing. However, she spoke with the judges about her life before beginning to sing.


In a matter of moments, Jacqueline had taken the audience by surprise. She gave a breathtaking performance that astounded everyone. After her incredible performance, everyone in the room was grinning.

Despite his reputation for being critical, Simon Cowell was unable to find anything negative to say about Jacqueline’s performance. He assumed Jacqueline had wandered into the wrong concert when she initially took the stage.

He knew she was something special as soon as she started to sing. Louis Tomlinson added his thoughts, praising her performance to no end.

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