Twin babies drown when their grandma with Alzheimer’s leaves the door open – rest in peace, grandmother.

The death of a kid is the most devastating thing ever. This family’s pain was immense because of a small mistake that came back to haunt them. To learn more about this unfortunate tragedy, keep reading.

The boy and girl twin toddlers drowned in their home’s pool when their great-grandmother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s, is said to have left the door open.

The family resides in Oklahoma City. Locklyn and Loreli, Jenny Callazzo’s 18-month-old twins, were found at the bottom of their murky pool on the property.



Both twins were unconscious when their mother found them. Two hours after they were found, both children were declared dead. Callazzo is a mother of three who stays at home and runs a store.


She resides in the $565,000 mansion where her family members, including her children, perished in drowning. Her family consists of her six kids, her spouse Sonny, and her grandmother. Her 42-year-old spouse is employed in marketing.

Callazzo’s grandmother has dementia, according to a relative, and she left the back door open. When the door opened, the twin toddlers sneaked away without being observed.


Although the police are looking into these tragic young deaths, they do not believe foul play was involved.

The twins’ alleged drowning site is a filthy pool covered in green algae that was observed by local media flying over the home. Callazzo, 37, posted a picture of her children outside with the caption, “just want to play outside,” a few days prior to the horrible incident.



Relatives reported witnessing the agitated woman in the rear of an emergency medical service vehicle as paramedics worked to revive her kids.

To help the family with the costs of medical bills and end-of-life care, a GoFundMe page has been set up.

“We lost these priceless babies far too soon.” We would greatly appreciate any assistance you could give us with paying our bills. As stated in the description of the GoFundMe page, “We appreciate everyone’s love and support.”

The trauma injury prevention coordinator at OU Health, Laura Gamino, hopes that parents be aware of the potential risks that water poses to small children.

She warned, “Anything can happen in an instant.”


She warned, “Drowning happens quickly and quietly. Children are drawn to water, and toddlers lack the abilities to assist themselves get out of it.”

“People sometimes expect a child to scream and struggle in the water, but because their mouth is full of water, they are unable to do so.” So, one of the frightening things about it is how silent it is.

In order to prevent young children from opening their swimming pools, Gamino suggests that parents and other caretakers build fences with gates that are at least four feet high.

This story is terrible. As the family deals with this unbelievable tragedy, our thoughts are with them. We ask that you join us in prayer at this trying time for the family.

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