This little girl is only six years old, but as soon as she starts singing, the judges bow down to her!

With so many high notes in Alicia Keys’ classic song “Girl On Fire,” singing it can be challenging, but this six-year-old kid can do it effortlessly like a true diva!

Without holding back, Chelsea, a little child, gave one of The Voice Kids’ most lovely auditions.

Chelsea, dressed sweetly and sporting a ribbon in her hair, walked onto the platform like any other typical six-year-old girl.

However, the moment she began to sing the song, the studio was filled with the powerful resonances of her amazing voice.

Both the judges and the crowd were amazed by her amazing voice!


The future of this young child’s vocal career seems quite bright. It also demonstrates her talent because she chose to confidently sing Alicia Keys’ song.

The song’s message of female empowerment was clearly communicated by Chelsea, and “Girl On Fire” is a perfect fit for her voice and persona.

Perhaps she will become the next Alicia Keys.

This is the entire video of Chelsea’s audition.

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