“The rescue team pulled out a fox cub stuck in the wall, but then they behaved very strangely.”

When this fox cub was just a small infant, it got into a desperate position that would have ended terribly, but good people saved it. The fox cub was trapped between the supermarket’s walls so tightly that it was unable to escape at the start of the story.

Ian the cub, for some reason only he knew, squeezed himself against the wall, apparently quite curious. Maybe he was attempting to sniff something. But he was too enormous to escape, so he was imprisoned there forever. When his discovery was made, the rescue squad was alerted right away, and firefighters soon arrived on the site.

They had to carefully cut the breach and pull him out to release him. But the tale didn’t stop there. After acting honorably at first, the rescuers later perplexed others with their behavior.

They suggested putting the cub on the street for its mother to retrieve, and they affixed a note warning people not to touch the cub in order to prevent agitating the little animal. They took this odd counsel to heart and left the fox cub in a box with some water. Afterwards, a worker decided to see whether everything was alright after growing anxious.

When he returned to the spot where the cub had been left in the evening, he discovered the box had disappeared. When he called the vets right away to find out if the cub had been taken, they informed him that they had no idea where it had been and that a fox mother had probably taken it.

You would most likely concur that this premise is ludicrous. It was then discovered that the box was sent to a wildlife rescue agency by a bystander. The cub is tired from spending so much time in the box, but overall health is good, according to the caretakers. Either they will house him there or they will let him go to live in the wild.

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