The father got a tattoo on his head in the shape of his son’s postoperative scar so that the baby wouldn’t be upset.

It makes sense why they say that becoming friends with your child is the finest thing you can do for them. Little Gabriel would never forget his father Jas Marshall’s kind act. This eight-year-old child was given an oncology diagnosis in March 2015; fortunately, the brain tumor was discovered early, allowing for an emergency operation.

Gabriel then had a round of chemotherapy, which caused him to lose his hair. The outcome was that everyone could see the scar on his ear. And he was quite worried about it when the boy started school.

Gabriel started to become silent, reclusive, and uncommunicative. His scar seemed to be the center of attention for everyone, so he started to avoid his old friends. The father of the ill child then made the decision to have a tattoo of his son’s scar.


“My son’s surgery left him with a scar. He’s not feeling good. I so concluded that I had to actually learn how to do things correctly. George Marshall told ABC News, “Now, if people want to look at us, let them look at both of us.”


On social media, a picture of them that showed their similar scars went viral. Hundreds of people viewed the father-son picture. People hope Gabriel will make a full recovery and believe it’s a true step from a true father.

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