She Was Emaciated, Reduced To Mere Skin And Bones, Utterly Debilitated When She Was Finally Rescued.

Introducing Tootsie, a tiny, brittle puppy that survived the dog meat truck trade. Measuring just 2.5 kilos, Tootsie was found in appalling shape and saved. She was fighting distemper in addition to an ear bacterial infection and a systemic cutaneous mite illness. She was unable to move freely or straighten up due to bone spurs in her spine, a degenerative spinal illness that made things worse.

Shaving Tootsie as a skin treatment was the first thing done when she was found. She was put on medication for pain relief and distemper, but her health didn’t improve. The bone spurs caused her back legs and spine to become stiff, a chronic disease requiring constant care. Tootsie struggled valiantly to survive and showed amazing resilience despite her fragile state.

Three weekly acupuncture sessions and daily exercise to strengthen her legs were part of Tootsie’s treatment plan. Her carers provided her with comfort, security, and good food in addition to their constant attention. One thing, though, they were unable to provide for her: a real home. Their hearts were broken by this realization as they saw Tootsie fight valiantly to survive.

Even with her difficult medical condition, Tootsie was getting better. She began to eat more, and her mood appeared to improve. Her caretakers hoped that she would heal and find a forever home, where she could be loved and cared for for the rest of her days. But in the end, Tootsie’s body gave up, and she died quietly.

The terrible tale of Tootsie serves as a stark reminder of the brutality and inhumanity involved in the dog meat trade. It is glaringly obvious how many animals in this business suffer and are neglected. Tootsie’s fortitude and tenacity in the face of such hardship provide witness to an animal’s unwavering will to live, no matter how terrible their circumstances.

Those who loved Tootsie will always remember her. Her experience serves as a powerful reminder of how urgent it is to put an end to the trade in dog meat and to keep fighting for the rights and welfare of animals. Peace be with you, sweet baby Tootsie. We are deeply moved by your narrative, and your memory will endure as a testament to hope and fortitude in the face of injustice.

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