She grew up in an orphanage, and then she married a wonderful man, thinking her troubled behavior was over, but.

She was the first of her friends to marry a lovely man, and her story is extremely lengthy. She was raised in an institution. Three kids were born to them. But the man became ill, leaving her to take care of the kids by herself. She relocated to a different city due to hardships, and her children are now well-dressed and have sausages in the house.

Over time, she worked at a market where Nerses, a man who was interested in her, also worked. She was now 45 years old. Despite having no interest, her attention was only on her kids and the oldest

Daughter felt bad for her mother for not wanting to get married when she was older. eventually moved to an avoidance-focused workplace., who then wed another person a month later.

She had only a daughter by her side while the other children grew up and moved away. In spite of their disagreements, the mother questioned when her daughter would have a kid out of fear for the neighbors’ opinions.

After insults turned into a conversation, love won out and the daughter apologized. Nina had no plans for shopping or holidays for the first time because she was getting married and going to be a grandma shortly.

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