Pierce Brosnan always has his wife’s back…she helped him through this pain

Numerous Hollywood couples experience their romance failing miserably over time.

It must be difficult to spend your life in the public eye when everyone and his spouse are recording everything you do, not to mention the unfavorable comments on social media.

Pierce Brosnan is frequently depicted as quite the Casanova, despite his reputation for being the ideal charmer on screen and acting opposite numerous stunning leading ladies. But in private, he is a loving husband and the epitome of a family man.

We may all aspire to the kind of connection that James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan shares with his wife Keely Shaye Smith, a journalist, author, and television host.

The ardent couple has been together for more than 25 years, and they still exclusively see each other. Their union demonstrates that real love never fades, even in the face of celebrity, aging, and all the accompanying bodily changes.

For nearly three decades, Pierce and Keely have been each other’s closest friends, lovers, and companions. Seven years after meeting at a Mexican bar, the pair got married and started dating in 1994.


Keely was assigned to interview Ted Danson, but she ended up interacting with Pierce instead. This is how she met Pierce.


Their first date seems like something from a love film. They “sat down under the stars and he held my hand,” according to Keely. Overhead, we could see fireworks and hear Kenny Loggins singing. We conversed till three in the morning.

According to PopSugar, Keely told People in 2001 that “he was captivating.”

Tall, black, and attractive—everything that would make people want to be around you. There was a playful twinkle in his eyes. I was like, “Whoa!” Whoa!

Pierce recognized Keely’s exceptional nature right away.

“I adore her vigor and fire. She possesses a strength that I could not survive without. I become faint when Keely looks at me,” he remarked.

In 2001, Pierce and Keely got married in a dreamy ceremony in Ireland.

It was originally planned for the pair to get married in 2000, but Pierce’s 16-year-old son got into a car accident in the United States. His father decided to put off the wedding, and he ended up with a spinal injury as a result.

But in the end, Ashford Castle—a magnificent Irish fortification from the 13th century—was the venue of Pierce and Keely’s ideal wedding. In addition to inviting 120 intimate friends and family members to the fairytale hotel, Pierce also covered the cost of a robust security operation to keep the public and media at bay.

raising sons in tandem
The couple, who are passionate about protecting the environment and opposing whaling and the extinction of marine life, has two sons.

Given that their two sons were born not long after they began dating, Pierce and Keely were undoubtedly a marriage made in heaven.

Since then, Keely has kept up her impressive work ethic in her own business and has done a fantastic job raising the children. In addition, Keely has done a wonderful job raising Pierce’s children from his first marriage, which ended in 1991 when Cassandra Harris passed away from cancer.

Weight of Keely Shaye Smith
Prior to her relationship with Pierce, Keely worked as a model and was an actress. Keely’s weight has been a hot topic of conversation in the past few years, particularly in gossip publications.

She gained some weight, which is undoubtedly visible to everyone, but who doesn’t as they get older? Keely may have had thyroid issues, according to some media accounts, but I still think she is stunningly gorgeous.

Sadly, because of her shape-shifting, Keely is frequently the victim of vicious trolls. The OO7 actress, meanwhile, claims he still adores his “passionate” wife and that she makes him “weak at the knees.”

He declared, “I’ve found a wonderful woman in Keely Shaye.” “Even after a million searches, I couldn’t find one as good.”

Following her marriage to Pierce, Kelly reportedly put on almost 70 pounds, according to certain tabloids. People in the media have begun to assume that Pierce would divorce his wife as a result of these rumors. Despite this, the couple has never been the subject of cheating accusations and is frequently spotted holding hands and kissing in public.

Naturally, it’s difficult to deal with trolls who criticize Keely’s appearance and try to make her feel inferior. However, Pierce has always supported his wife and frequently declares his love for her in public, which is evidence of how much he cares for Keely.

Furthermore, seeing a Hollywood woman who doesn’t undergo plastic surgery to look younger is quite refreshing. Pierce adores her wife for who she is, and Keely exudes self-assurance.

The love, respect, and devotion the two have for one another has not changed despite the passage of time and their physical changes.

They have no qualms about expressing their affection for one another. Being involved on social media, Pierce and Kelly express their love on Instagram.

For instance, in 2021, Brosnan celebrated his wife’s 58th birthday by posting a heartfelt message on Instagram:

These days, a lot of discussion centers on the tangible and material world. Because of this, it’s consoling to see that Pierce and Keely’s love is genuine and lasting.

Throughout his illustrious career, Brosnan favored to fly his wife to his filming sites in order to spend even more time with her, even though he starred alongside some of the most attractive ladies in Hollywood.

“I would give her tickets to come so we could be together because I missed her no matter where I went in the globe. We simply seemed to click,” he remembers.

Pierce Brosnan has wrapped up his role as Dr. Fate in the action-sci sci-fi film Black Adam. The actor portrays a superhero and sorcerer from the DC Universe in this role.

The 69-year-old actor did, however, take care to maintain certain aspects of his private life consistent with his job. He wore a watch that his late wife Keely Shaye Smith had given him as well as his wedding ring.

“This is our wedding ring and this is a watch that Keely bought me many years ago with an inscription that [reads], ‘Time flies on love’s wings,'” he said in an interview, providing clarification. “I decided to wear it for this character,” he continued. It appeared fitting.

He clarified that Brosnan’s decision to wear these sentimental objects while filming was justified by the fact that it fit his character, who also had a wife. “The man [has] traveled through the ages of time,” he declared. He is among the strongest sorcerers in the DC comic book universe. He did have a wife, Enza, and rumor has it that she was even more powerful than he was.

His wife was clearly overjoyed by the understated but heartfelt homage her cherished husband paid to her in his most recent motion picture endeavor. “I adore those emblems, that he brought those with him into the superpower, superhero realm,” the woman exclaimed.

These two are such a great example to us all; I love to watch them together and wish them many more happy years and memorable experiences.

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