“In the morning, I rushed to the pharmacy to see a grandmother standing against the wall, crying. When I asked why, I was just heartbroken by the answer.”

When I went to the pharmacy in the morning, I saw an old woman standing by herself. I decided to investigate what was going on since I was worried; perhaps she wasn’t feeling well. In response, the grandma said she just lacked the funds to purchase the life-saving prescription drugs.

Put another way, she had to decide between buying the required medications and going hungry. Naturally, I grabbed all the money out of my wallet, bought her the prescription drugs, and handed them to her right away. But what is the number of these grandparents among us?

First our government, then other “forces”; what message do you wish to convey to our grandparents and retirees?

Even with an improved pension, those who have worked hard their entire lives are suddenly crying out in helplessness because they cannot afford the medications they require. For what reason?

I prefer not to consider the worst. So let’s go quickly. I want to encourage everyone to do modest deeds of kindness. I advise simply taking a closer look at your surroundings. You’ll be amazed at the abundance of options for nice actions.

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