A brave Marine leaps on a grenade to save a fellow soldier and is awarded the Medal of Honor.

The surname of William Kyle Carpenter. He may or may not be well-known to you, but one thing is certain—he is a real American hero.

At the age of 21, Kyle received a commission in the US Marine Corps as a Lance Corporal. 2010 saw him deployed to Afghanistan.

During a battle, a grenade landed close to where Kyle and another Marine were engaged in combat. Without hesitation, Kyle took action.

Though it was a snap decision that beautifully captured Kyle’s perseverance, it would have a long-lasting impact on his life. Using his body as a barrier, Kyle leapt on the grenade, shielding his partner.

In order to save his fellow Marine, he offered his life as a sacrifice.

He was seriously injured in the explosion that followed. His face bones and skull were shattered, and his body was covered in shrapnel. In addition, Kyle suffered the loss of a part of his jaw, collapsed lung, and was labeled P.E.A. (patient expired on arrival) upon his return to Camp Bastion.


In a sense, Kyle was already dead. He made it through.

Over the next two years, Kyle would need forty different surgeries. In addition to receiving the coveted Medal of Honor from President Barack Obama, he was awarded the Purple Heart for his bravery.

Now that he is retired from the military, Kyle is attending the University of South Carolina to get his degree.

An authentic American hero. You may view more of Kyle’s tale in the video below:

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