If You See This Hanging in A Hotel Room or Public Bathroom Call 911 Immediately

Coat hooks are frequently used to hang clothes and other accessories, however in public restrooms and other places that resemble coat hooks, some covert camera devices have been found. Significant privacy problems are raised by the fact that these covert cameras are intended to take pictures of unsuspecting people without their consent.

There have been reports of these covert cameras in toilets and changing rooms, among other places. They are masked as coat hangers. These devices have occasionally been discovered in women’s restrooms, which has raised concerns about possible privacy infractions.


It can be difficult to find these hidden cameras because they frequently resemble ordinary plastic coat hooks with tiny holes that act as lenses. A side button to turn on the motion sensor may be present in some. While some of these gadgets might be clearly obvious, others are more covert and difficult to find.

It’s critical to maintain your vigilance and keep an eye out for any coat hooks that seem suspect, particularly in public spaces where privacy is expected. To protect the safety and privacy of persons utilizing the facilities, it is advisable to report anything strange you come across to the authorities.
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